George Washington’s Will

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George Washington’s Will

Being this is the week of Thanksgiving, , I thought I would tie something in with the founding of our nation. I did a little research and came across the Will of George Washington who also happens to be the first President who celebrated Thanksgiving. He wrote his will entirely himself and it is very detailed. It is a very interesting read from a historical perspective if not from an estate planning perspective. Here are two clauses you might enjoy reading:Opening Paragraph: “In the name of God amen I am George Washington of Mount Vernon, a citizen of the United States, and lately President of the same, do make ordain and declare this instrument, which is written with my own hand and every page thereof subscribed with my name, to be my last Will and Testament, revoking all others.”Arbitration Clause: “I hope and trust that no disputes will arise . . .  but if, contrary to expectation, the case should be otherwise . . . my will and direction expressly is, that all disputes (if unhappily any should arise) shall be decided by three impartial and intelligent men, known for the probity and good understanding; two to be chosen by the disputants–each having the choice of one–and the third by those two. Which three men thus chosen, shall, unfettered by law, or legal constructions, declare their sense of the Testator’s intention; and such decision is, to all intents and purposes to be as binding on the parties as if it had been given in the Supreme Court of the United States.”

While George may have gotten by with planning his own estate, the laws have taken many a twist and turn since then.  When engaging in any sort of estate planning to preserve the legacy for those for which you are thankful, consider giving us a call.

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