How Can I Protect My Real Property?

January 24th, 2022 (No Comments)

  To understand how to protect property, you must first know what risks threaten your property. Among the most significant risks are 1. The cost of long-term care; and 2. […]

The Woodwork

January 11th, 2022 (No Comments)

If you have ever lost a loved one, you may recall or be familiar with the grief that accompanies such an event. It is often an unforgettable point in life […]

To Appraise or Not to Appraise. That is the PROBATE question.

January 4th, 2022 (No Comments)

“How does tax value versus appraised value of real estate in the probate estate effect heirs?” As an attorney that handles probate cases I deal with issue all the time. […]

The Little Guy

December 29th, 2021 (No Comments)

Call me sentimental, but I’ve always been one to root the little guy. Powers tends to be a zero sum scenario, where those who have it benefit, and those who […]

The Future of Estate Planning: How Blockchain Technology will Change Ownership and Transfer of Assets

December 9th, 2021 (No Comments)

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary development, yet the law is, once again, stuck in the time of the dinosaur. As we lawyers chisel stone, the world around us is advancing […]

How will my Crypto be Taxed?

November 30th, 2021 (No Comments)

Is not exactly visionary to say that crypto is the wave of the future. Crypto currency has already changed the financial world since the inception of Bitcoin BTC in 2009. […]

How to Put Property Into a Trust…

November 28th, 2021 (No Comments)

Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge As a free gift to you, and during this trying time for all of us, I would offer a free consult at one of […]

How do I pass on my cryptocurrency? Plus the Digital Blockchain Trust (DBT) explained.

November 9th, 2021 (No Comments)

How do I pass on my cryptocurrency? Plus the Digital Blockchain Trust (DBT) explained. Schedule your FREE CONSULT today! 📱Call for Free Consult: – Charlotte: 704-749-9244 – Shelby: 704-259-7040 – […]

Digital Blockchain Trust (DBT) Whitepaper

November 8th, 2021 (No Comments)

Theoretically, a Digital Blockchain Trust or DBT for short, is a type of digital instrument that holds information. The information tracks your crypto holdings and acts based on certain information. […]

What Happens To My Crypto When I Die?

November 8th, 2021 (No Comments)

Cryptocurrency is all the rage. There are great risks but great rewards. Decentralized currencies and the decentralized finance network along with smart contracts will change the way we buy goods, […]

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