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What is Estate Planning?

At McIntyre Elder Law we call Estate Planning, Pre-Planning. We call it Pre-Planning because we are crafting the best way to protect a lifetime of savings, retirement, home and other property. We know that 70% of seniors over the age of 65 are going to need some type of long-term care during their lives whether in-home, assisted living or nursing home care. Those are huge odds and you should plan accordingly. How will this care be paid for? Will this care spend down all savings, retirement? Will these costs subject the home to being sold or lost due to a Long-Term Care Medicaid Lien?

We have tools to help. Here are some documents seniors should have in place and some tools that could save their hard earned money and property:

  • Lady Bird Deed: Protects you from losing your home, Medicaid liens and the probate process.
  • Medicaid Asset Protection Trust (MAPT): An irrevocable trust that can protect your assets if and when you need to qualify for Medicaid.
  • Veterans Asset Protection Trust (VAPT): Did you know VA Pension Benefits now have a 3 year look-back period for asset transfers? Great for planning ahead and qualify for a veterans pension.
  • General Durable Power of Attorney: Enables a person you trust to handle your affairs and qualify you for benefits when you need them.
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney: Enables a person you trust to make your healthcare decisions in the event you are unable to make those decisions yourself.
  • Living Will: Differing from a Healthcare Power of Attorney, this document is concerned only with life-prolonging measures, should you be unable to make those decisions at the time.
  • Will: A legal document that allows you to pass your assets after death to those you choose.

Do you believe in planning ahead? If so: WE CAN HELP! Its what we do. We pride ourselves on being able to use the correct legal tools to protect your hard earned money and property.

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Planning Ahead. Ms. Yelton came to us to assist in planning ahead for her mother. We are always humbled by a client who gives us a testimonial. Thanks so much, Ms. Yelton, for the kind words about our Estate Planning services.

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Who is Greg McIntyre?

Author of two books: Home Town Heroes and Saving the Farm, Greg McIntyre has significant experience with preparing individuals and their families for the latter part of life. Member of a national group of elder law attorneys, Elder Counsel, he has spent a great deal of time studying in the field of elder law in addition to practicing for 10 years. At McIntyre Elder Law we aim to keep seniors in control of their assets as long as possible and open up the healthcare and benefit options for them. In addition to his extensive elder law background, Greg is also a U.S. Navy Veteran and a VA Certified Elder Law Attorney. At McIntyre Elder Law we take our job very seriously and look to create loyal clients for generations to come. We want you and your family to be well taken care of and fully satisfied with your experience. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and help you navigate the elder law legal processes.

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