Heroic Stories From Brave Men and Women

Greg McIntyre, J.D., M.B.A

"Take a walk through the streets of any town, large or small, and you will find them there. Will you be able to recognize them, probably not? You won’t be able to just look at them and know who they are, but if you will spend some time in their town and get to know the people, they will rise to the forefront. This book is about some of those heroes. It tells the stories of a few of those men and women from small town America and some of their experiences as they served their country"

Evan Thompson, American Legion NC Department Commander

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HOMETOWN HEROES: Heroic Stories From Brave Men and Women.


We are passionate and dedicated to the heroes who served, and to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice protecting the freedoms of their country. Hometown Heroes is especially relevant as it delves into many aspects of military life, from infrastructure, payroll, mail, and transportation, to the front lines, and personal reflections of loss suffered by some. These are the stories of military veterans in their own words. Some of the content may be deemed controversial, I prefer to say it is raw. The service given by these men and women is heroic because they served. Whether during wartime, in theater, or on base in their home country is not relevant. The potential for active duty in a war zone, as we all know, has been a constant since World War Two, and therefore all veterans in Hometown Heroes are considered heroes. In honor of the service given by all veterans, Hometown Heroes is giving back with a chapter on Veteran’s Benefits, specifically the Aid and Attendance Benefit.

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I’m Greg McIntyre and I’m more than just your typical lawyer with a beautiful wife and 6 great kids. I initially became a lawyer to fight courtroom battles which I did for years. However, after working in an environment where the focus was always on the next billable hour, I started my own practice because I was interested in being more than just a lawyer. I was interested in making a difference in my client’s lives.

Being a husband and a father has taught me what is really important in life. My clients trust me because they know we share the same values. We want to see our children be successful. We want our families to be provided for if we are not around. We want our legacies to be preserved and to have a guiding hand in shaping our families’ lives.

McIntyre Elder Law is built on this client-centered and values-based foundation. I help my clients to make informed, empowered decisions for their families and loved ones, pass on their values, experience (and their assets) to the next generation.

How we are different:Most of my clients know that I will be there for them whether it’s for legal advice, a change in the plan or to just have a conversation. I am interested in the long-term relationship and making sure my clients’ plans and expectations are being met.

Accomplishing my clients’ goals and objectives are paramount. I use a collaborative approach, including investment advisors, CPA’s, and insurance professionals. Successful planning requires us to consider all your financial goals, present and future.

Memberships and Associations.

I a veteran of the United State’s Navy and a member of the North Carolina State Bar Association. I am also a member of ElderCounsel, a national network focused specifically on estate planning & wealth preservation. I serve on the Board of Directors of the Boys & Girls Club, Cleveland County Counsel on Aging, Journey and ACCES. I am a proud member of and Deacon at Shelby Presbyterian Church, where my family and I find fellowship and spiritual refreshment.

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