Nursing Home Injury, Abuse and Neglect.

Helping Families Navigate the Legal Complexities of Nursing Home Injury, Abuse and Neglect cases.

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What is Nursing Home Injury, Abuse and Neglect?

Do you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect? We can help.

Has your gut every told you something is wrong? Have you ever ignored that feeling where you knew something just wasn’t right and found out later that you were right all along. If you suspect that a loved one has been abused, neglected or their health has declined as a result of sub-standard care at a nursing home then we can help.

Here are 4 Signs of possible Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect:

  1. Bed Sores. Pressure Sores.
  2. Medication errors.
  3. Sudden weight loss. Could be signs of Dehydration, malnutrition. Could be signs of neglect.
  4. Physical Injuries: Falls, Broken Bones, Bruising.
Pay attention to these signs. What is your gut telling you? How often has your intuition been right?

There’s certainly lots to do to even get ready to file a claim for nursing home abuse and neglect. During the process there could be mediations, court hearings, depositions and finally a trial. All you have is the decision making power of finding the right attorney.

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Who is Greg McIntyre?

Author of two books: Home Town Heroes and Saving the Farm, Greg McIntyre has significant experience with preparing individuals and their families for the latter part of life. Member of a national group of elder law attorneys, Elder Counsel, he has spent a great deal of time studying in the field of elder law in addition to practicing for 10 years. At McIntyre Elder Law we aim to keep seniors in control of their assets as long as possible and open up the healthcare and benefit options for them. In addition to his extensive elder law background, Greg is also a U.S. Navy Veteran and a VA Certified Elder Law Attorney. At McIntyre Elder Law we take our job very seriously and look to create loyal clients for generations to come. We want you and your family to be well taken care of and fully satisfied with your experience. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and help you navigate the elder law legal processes.

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