Estate Planning Policy:

McIntyre Law strives to be completely prepared for any situation. To ensure that we can rise to the occasion, we must have an automated process where cases and documents are handled with an assembly line approach.The same processes being followed methodically from start to finish ensures efficiency for ourpatron as well as a consistent production of exceptional quality that our repeat clients have come to expect and that our new patrons will come to recognize.Regular policy review meetings will be held to assess and improve our processes.Efficiency of each of ourmethods will be measured for use in process improvements.


  1. Upon initial consultation, (where a client calls and requests an appointment time for an estate planning conference with the attorney) but prior to the attorneyconference with the estate planning client, the staff member selected, in charge of client relations,must ensure that an Estate Planning workbook outlining said client’spersonalized details has been completed in its entirety.

At the time of the writing of this procedure the Estate Planning workbook is 21 pages long. The staff member should be familiar with this document.  While one client may need to fill in only a small portion of the workbook, another client may need to fill the entire thing. This is dependent upon their circumstances.

This may mean that the staff member will need to:

a)      Hand the client a workbook. Ask if they may need assistance in filling in the details.

b)      Mail, fax or email the workbook to the client.

There may conceivably be times when the staff member will need to secure an appointment for the client to have a phone conference with the patron or for the client to reserve a firm conference room as they are assisted in the preparation of their workbook.

We consider it an honor that our client has chosen us to ensure future generations in their family have wealth security. The attorney can better support the client with their individualized estate plan if he/she is given a full work up of the entire scenario, complete details of all assets and family members involved. It cannot be stressed enough that for the attorney to best make informed decisions and formulate the finest legal strategy to wealth preservation for the client; the Estate Planning workbook is vital.

The Estate Planning workbook should be given to the attorney, with at least 24 hours prior to initial client meeting for the attorney to review the workbook and formulate an individualized client planning scenario.

A staff member may find the current version of the EP workbook on our server in the file entitled Wills, Trusts and Estates, or in the Client Intake Forms file, also located on our server. A client may also be directed to our website at to download a PDFversion of our EP workbook. Staff members should familiarize themselves with the locations of the EP workbookon both our internal server and our website.




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