What is Elder Law?

Elder law is making sure that you have your affairs in order.  It is making sure you have healthcare options during your golden years.  It is making sure your money and property are protected so you can enjoy life, have peace of mind and leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren.

Who Needs Elder Law Planning?

Benjamin FranklinElder law is not just for the elderly.  You should really start planning to protect your hard earned money and property and insure you have healthcare options as early as possible in life.  Everyone should have powers of attorney for property and for healthcare decisions.  These documents put you in control of your property and healthcare decisions and avoid costly, drawn out court guardianship proceedings.

Beat the Odds

Did you work your entire life just to give it all away?  We bet that you didn’t.  Protecting property and money is part of our job.  We all know people who have had to sell all their property and lost everything trying to pay for their long-term care.  Don’t let this happen to you.  We can help by discussing your options and choosing a strategy to save your hard earned money and property.

What About My Financial Planner?

We love working with financial planners and we would love to work with yours.  We include your financial planner in the legal strategy and process.  Your financial planner has structured a plan to provide monies for your retirement we build a plan to protect these monies.

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