Certificate - Pre-Probate

When you prepay probate you receive a certificate directing your loved ones to contact the firm at your request. This certificate should be kept in a safe place with your will and other important documents.

Piece of Mind

Getting your affairs in order is empowering and gives piece of mind that your estate will be handled the way you intend and by whom you intend.  That is why we designed our unique prepaid probate service to give you control.  When you choose to prepay probate we discount the fee for our probate services.  We believe in traditional will readings and that is why we include this customary legal service as well as the following:

  • Formal Will Reading
  • Filing the Estate
  • Estate Accounting of Debts and Assets
  • Publishing Estate
  • Estate Oversight and Closing


* When you prepay for probate services your fee is placed in trust with our firm.  That fee is transferred to the firm as attorneys fees only when the service is provided.


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