While at the recent Elder Counsel Conference in Chicago I had a great conversation with another attendee about custom branding “Saving the Farm” for another attorney’s firm. Wasting no time, I immediately put into place a system whereby you can have “Saving the Farm” custom branded for your firm to pass on to your clients. I will dedicate a portion of the cover to feature a picture of you, your firm logo, and the text: “Brought to You By: Adam Attorney/Lucy Litigator.” In addition, the first page of the book will feature a picture of you, your firm logo, and a custom drafted letter (by you) to your clients and networking partners.
I can tell you that the book is an amazing ice breaker, a blue ocean ambassador to any potential client or networking partner. It is an amazing positioning tool to show you care about your unique career, your clients and that you know your stuff.
Here’s how it works, as an order comes in, we will design your inside page and cover spot. This should take around 72 hours. You will approve the proof and your books will arrive around 5 days later, to your firm (or the address of your choosing).
I think this is an amazing use of “Saving the Farm” and I am humbled to have a chance to bring it to you in this way (Thanks, Emily, for the conversation and inspiration!).
“Saving the Farm” was a more than a 2 year labor of love and a senior guidebook about many senior issues as well as explaining some essential legal tools for your clients to start protecting their hard earned money and property.
I interviewed experts, collecting data and doing research into the legal, healthcare and benefits maze seniors face on a daily basis in this country. This print book is a fabulous guide for a senior and for their family in answering questions about planning to protect your hard earned money and property, how to pay for in-home care, choosing the best long term care facility and much, much more.
PRICE: $10 per Book (50% off Retail Price)*
Minimum of 250 Units.
Email me to get started today!

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Please wait 72 hours (business day hours) for a proof to be sent back to you. Your books should arrive within 5 business days after the approval of your proof.

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