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Brenton S. Begley


The Elder Law Handbook is a compilation of 10 rules to help you protect your assets and preserve your legacy. The Elder Law Handbook will teach you things like how to avoid probate, how to pay less taxes, and how to pay for long-term care. Each Rule contains a notes section to help you gather your thoughts and use the handbook as an interactive workbook to help create a plan for you and your family.

Attorney Brenton S. Begley is an elder law attorney and is licensed as an attorney in the State of North Carolina. Mr. Begley cannot give legal advice outside of the State of North Carolina. Some of the concepts discussed in this book may or may not be valid under the laws of other states. This book may serve as a guide and a framework to assist in you and/or your family’s aging journey. It is recommended that you consult an estate planning and/or elder law attorney in your state to discuss specific legal issues. Feel free to contact Mr. Begley to inquire about legal issues and if needed, he or his office will route you to a reputable estate planning and elder law attorney in your state.

Contact Brenton S. Begley, Elder Law Attorney at the following:
Phone: 704-259-7040
Address: PO Box 165, Shelby, NC 28151

Furthermore, the information and concepts in this book in no way forms an attorney/client relationship when read by the reader. No legal advice is being conveyed or given under an attorney/client relationship in this book. The only way to form that attorney/client relationship would be to hire Mr. Begley or another attorney to perform legal work for you. Lastly, the information and concepts in the book are for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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