Vacationing and Healthcare Directives


Hey guys, it’s Greg McIntyre here with McIntyre Elder Law, and I’m currently at a resort called Rumbling Bald. It’s located in the mountains of North Carolina, just 45 minutes or so from where I practice, but it feels like a world away.

I’m on vacation right now with my wife and children. As I enjoy the deck area of our mountain bungalow with my daughter Madison, I thought I would take the opportunity to comment on a couple of things that were on my mind. I was thinking about how important it was to make sure I took the proper steps to keep myself protected. Not only saving for retirement but having the correct legal documents in place to protect all that I’m working for.

Now, I’m very guilty of this and I’m sure many of you are, too. Sometimes I am working 100% to make sure others are protected and neglect getting my own affairs in order. I’m striving very hard to provide for my family and ensure that my kids can go to college but it’s also very important that I have my own situation handled. That means setting up things like my powers of attorney for healthcare or otherwise and my living will, especially when traveling. Should anything happen to me, I’d want to be able to show those to a doctor in this area.

Should I have some type of accident or be in a bad situation, I’d want there to be no question on how I want to be handled and who’s going to make those decisions. We’re very proud of our eDocs access system that places your most important legal documents right at your fingertips, no matter where you are. Our eDocs access card allows you to view all of your critical information from anywhere. It’s bank level security, so just like your online banking, you can have your important legal papers stored securely online as well. We provide that service for our clients.

We give you an eDocs access card that you or your loved one can show to a doctor. Even when I’m traveling here, I don’t have my safe or my legal documents with me. These things can be pulled up and the hospital’s doctor and staff can see all of my healthcare directives. Should I ever be in a situation where I’m, God forbid, in a persistent vegetative state, brain dead, or something of that nature, this will provide them with everything they need to know. Who’s my power of attorney, who has the right to make important healthcare decisions for me, do I want to be maintained by machines, receive artificial hydration or nutrition, and things of that nature.

Should I be traveling alone, my next of kin can grant access by e-mail and it will provide a link. It doesn’t send the documents as an attachment and expose it to the internet, it gives a secure log-in where they can access them. You can provide a log-in to a son, daughter, trusted adviser, or wife so that they can have access to those legal documents as well. If you want your children to be able to view those healthcare documents and powers of attorney but not the will or trust documents that are also on your eDocs log-in, you can use the system to grant and restrict access to those different areas.

It’s just very important to have those things in place and I’m very proud and excited about that eDocs access system that provides a secure way to carry all those important legal documents. A pristine copy that will never fade, to carry with you anywhere you go where you have internet access.

Give us a call if you have any questions or you need to make sure that your documents are in proper order. Our number is (704) 259-7040 and our website is

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