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It’s a harrowing reality when our vulnerable loved ones, especially those in nursing homes, fall victim to mistreatment.

For those subjected to such abuse, particularly in a nursing home setting, their everyday life can become a tormenting mix of fear, discomfort, and confusion.

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Do you suspect nursing home abuse or neglect?

Intuition is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to the welfare of our loved ones. The nagging feeling that something isn’t right can keep you awake at night. Maybe you’ve brushed these worries aside before, only to later discover your gut instinct was correct.

If you suspect your loved one may be suffering from abuse, neglect, or deteriorating health due to inadequate care within a nursing home, don’t ignore those feelings. No one should endure harm, especially those who are most vulnerable. 

At McIntyre Elder Law, we’re equipped with the expertise and compassion to navigate these challenging situations. Trust your intuition and let us provide the assistance you need.

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Why does nursing home abuse occur?

It’s a mistaken belief to think that abuse and exploitation of seniors, particularly within nursing homes, doesn’t occur in modern times.

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that this vulnerable population often becomes an easy target.

Instances of abuse can come from unexpected sources – neighbors, caregivers, and even family or friends. They may misappropriate funds without consent, neglect to repay money they owe, overcharge for services, or fail to provide the promised care.

This financial abuse is a pervasive form of elder abuse, particularly prevalent in nursing homes.

At McIntyre Elder Law, we adopt a determined and proactive stance against nursing home abuse and exploitation. We work to put an immediate stop to the abuse, ensuring the guilty party is held accountable.

Types of nursing home abuse

Many think elder or nursing home abuse simply means physical harm.

Sadly, there are several common forms of abuse that relate to seniors.

The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) categorizes the types elder abuse:

Nursing home residents are part of a vulnerable population that needs to be protected.

If you suspect that a loved one is being abused or taken advantage of, don’t wait. Call us at (888) 999-6600 or click here to schedule a free consultation today.

How can I prevent my loved one from becoming the victim of abuse?

Family involvement plays a crucial role when it comes to safeguarding loved ones residing in nursing homes.

Often, seniors may struggle to communicate about the maltreatment they’re experiencing or may fear retaliation from their abusers. This overwhelming sense of fear and helplessness can cause them to dismiss the abuse, worried that they’ll be dismissed or unable to escape their situation.

At McIntyre Elder Law, we’re dedicated to combating nursing home abuse and promoting quality elder care. We assist families by providing essential information about the signs of abuse and helping ensure their loved ones reside in a nursing home that prioritizes their well-being.

Don’t let your loved ones endure any suffering. Call us at (888) 999-6600 to find out how we can help prevent nursing home abuse today.

4 signs of possible nursing home abuse

Check out our quick video where Greg McIntyre explains the 4 possible signs of nursing home abuse.

Pay attention to these signs. What is your gut telling you?

It's gut-wrenching thinking about your loved one being abused.

Your aging loved one deserves dignity, respect, and appropriate care. If a nursing home fails to uphold these rights under North Carolina state laws, you may be eligible for compensation through a settlement or a court award.

We’re here to support you. While preparing to file a claim involves numerous steps, including mediation, court hearings, and depositions, McIntyre Elder Law is ready to shoulder this burden for you. You have the power to choose the right attorney who can advocate for your loved one. Let’s embark on this journey together.

Call us at (888) 999-6600 or click here to schedule a complimentary consultation today.

At McIntyre Elder Law, we help and advocate for those who can’t help themselves.

Call us at (888) 999-6600 to schedule a free consultation.

Your ally in addressing nursing home abuse

In the face of nursing home abuse or neglect, you must take immediate action to prevent your loved ones continued suffering. 

McIntyre Elder Law stands by you in this challenging time, providing the necessary legal support and guidance. 

Here’s how we can assist:

Act quickly if you suspect abuse

When a loved one is harmed due to neglect or mistreatment, it’s important to act quickly.

Report nursing home neglect immediately or call 911 in the event of a medical emergency. From there, you can reach out to our team who can help you file a legal claim.

Secure fair and adequate compensation

A victim of abuse or neglect is often entitled to financial compensation for their expenses, future medical needs, and suffering.

An experienced lawyer can negotiate and recover the largest amount possible that your loved one is entitled to.

Protect others & force accountability

Pursuing a lawsuit for neglect or abuse not only provides compensation for victims but also serves as an important safeguard.

By holding nursing homes accountable, you help ensure that if proper care is not being provided, there will be consequences.

Free consultation & case evaluation

McIntyre Elder Law has the experience you need to investigate complex nursing home lawsuits for negligent care or abuse.

We can review the circumstances surrounding your loved one's injury to determine if they and your family may be entitled to compensation.

North Carolina's premier law firm stopping nursing home abuse.

Don’t allow a loved one to suffer another day. Be an advocate for their dignity and safety.

If you suspect any type of abuse, neglect, or exploitation, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today.

Contact us now at (888) 999-6600 or click here to get started.

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