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When a loved one passes away, their estate may need to be settled in a court-supervised legal process called probate.

Probate transfers ownership of a deceased person’s assets to beneficiaries.

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Imagine this – you’ve just lost a loved one. On top of dealing with your grief, you find out you’re in charge of settling their affairs. It’s an overwhelming and emotional task. Where do you even start?

If a loved one has passed and there are assets are in the individual’s name (not in a trust), you will likely need Probate. Probate is a requirement in all but the smallest estates.

Probate is the legal process that takes place after someone dies. It includes identifying the deceased person’s assets, paying any debts, and distributing the remaining assets to the rightful heirs or beneficiaries.

Working with an experienced attorney makes these steps simpler and less stressful. At McIntyre Elder Law, we guide you through all the tasks and make sure everything’s done right.

Our aim is to make the process as smooth as possible for you. We’re here to handle the legalities so you can focus on what truly matters – mourning your loved one and celebrating their life.

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How long does Probate take in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, Probate has to remain open for at least 90 days, which is the legal window for creditors to come forward and file claims against the estate. However, wrapping up the entire process generally takes longer, around six months to a year for simpler cases.

If your loved one had a trust, things can be a bit easier. Assets held in a trust can often bypass the probate process altogether, offering a quicker and more private way to distribute the assets to the beneficiaries. But even with a trust in place, other assets not included in the trust might still have to go through probate.

Sometimes, the process can take even longer, especially if the estate has many assets or if it’s a complicated situation. If there are disputes among the beneficiaries or if creditors come forward with claims, it could extend to several years.

During this trying time, our job is to provide you with compassionate guidance. We are here to stand by your side, supporting you through every step of this process.

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We can help with the following Probate matters:

Probate is a minefield of legal procedures, paperwork, deadlines, and potential disputes. 

Mistakes can lead to financial loss, legal complications, and unnecessary stress during an already challenging time.

Don’t take that risk. Let us be your guide and support, ensuring every aspect of the process is handled correctly and efficiently.

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Does a Will avoid probate?

You’ve likely heard people say “you should avoid probate!” But do you know why? And can you avoid it with your last Will & Testament?

Check out our video where Greg McIntyre offers an in-depth explanation on the purpose of a Will, and if it avoids Probate.

Trust Administration

When a loved one dies, and they have a trust, that trust must go through the process of trust administration.

With the help of an attorney, trustees must administer the trust in the best interest of the beneficiaries, according to North Carolina laws and terms of the trust. This process is confidential and does not need court approval. 

However, if a trustee breaches these duties, they could be removed and may even be personally liable.

Trustee's duties include, but are not limited to the following:

Obtain death certificates

Notifying beneficiaries

Maintain records

Inventory and appraise assets

Distributing assets

File taxes

Notify creditors & pay debts

Manage investments

As you can see, a lot comes with being a trustee!

With our knowledgeable team by your side, you can feel assured that your loved one’s trust will be administered as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Probate is a lengthy, exhausting process.

The legal Probate process can be complicated and lengthy. Unfortunately, the clerks at the courthouse are not attorneys and can’t give you legal advice.

At McIntyre Elder Law, we have handled probate and estate administration for hundreds of families. With our team guiding you, the process doesn’t have to be stressful or tiring. Our team takes take pride in communicating with our clients, keeping meticulous records and guiding the executor or trustee with ease of administration.

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Don’t wait on these time-sensitive issues. Contact us today to start the estate administration process.

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The probate and estate administration process can be complex due to the many details involved and the potential for disputes. 

If you’ve been tasked with administering an estate or trust, McIntyre Elder Law can guide you through the process.

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