Understanding Trust Litigation with Estate Planning Attorney Greg McIntyre

Trusts, intricate legal instruments designed to safeguard assets, can sometimes become subject to complex litigation, involving disputes between trustees and beneficiaries. Join Estate Planning Attorney Greg McIntyre as he sheds light on common scenarios that may necessitate legal intervention in trust-related matters.

When Should I Consider Trust Litigation?

Mismanagement or Lack of Transparency from Trustee(s)

One of the primary triggers for trust litigation arises when beneficiaries suspect mismanagement or lack of transparency from trustees. As explained, beneficiaries possess the legal right, under statutes like the Uniform Trust Code, to request periodic accountings of trust activities. Failure by a trustee to provide these accountings within a reasonable timeframe can lead to legal recourse, potentially resulting in their removal and the appointment of a neutral third-party trustee.

Questioning Trust Validity

Another significant issue prompting trust litigation involves the validity of the trust itself. If a trust was established under circumstances where the grantor lacked mental capacity or was unduly influenced by a third party, it may be deemed invalid. In such cases, beneficiaries may seek legal counsel to challenge the trust’s validity and protect their rights to the assets held within it.

Trustee Misconduct

Furthermore, suspicions of trustee misconduct, such as misappropriation of funds or improper management of assets, can prompt beneficiaries to initiate legal action. Trusts typically outline specific instructions for trustees regarding asset management and expenditure. Any deviation from these instructions may warrant legal intervention to ensure compliance and protect beneficiaries’ interests.

Seeking Counsel for These Scenarios

McIntyre emphasizes the importance of seeking counsel promptly when faced with trust-related concerns. Initiating legal proceedings or demanding thorough investigations into trustee activities can help uphold the integrity of the trust and safeguard beneficiaries’ rights.


In conclusion, trust litigation encompasses a range of complex legal issues, from accountability and validity to trustee conduct. By understanding their legal rights and responsibilities, beneficiaries can navigate trust-related disputes effectively and ensure the proper management of their assets. Seeking guidance from experienced legal professionals is paramount in safeguarding one’s interests and preserving the integrity of trusts.

For individuals seeking assistance with trust-related matters, legal consultations are available to address concerns and provide tailored solutions. By accessing expert guidance, individuals can navigate trust litigation with confidence and protect their financial legacies.

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