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Estate of Confusion

  Greg McIntyre: Hi, this is Greg McIntyre with another elder law report…

ByBymorgan morganFeb 10, 2023

Forever in My Heart: A Love Story of Estate Planning and Family

As I sat by my husband’s bedside, watching him sleep and listening to the sound…

ByBymorgan morganFeb 6, 2023

Litigation, Estate Planning, and Facing Your Fears.

Greg McIntyre: Hi, I’m Greg McIntyre with the Elder Law Report. We’re going…

ByBymorgan morganJan 20, 2023

The Biggest Threat to our Aging Population: The Rising Cost of Long-term Care

As medical care gets better, the population’s longevity increases. However, just because someone lives longer…

ByBymorgan morganDec 27, 2022

What is a Life Estate Deed (LED)?

Life estate deeds can help protect a home and avoid probate. However, it is important…

ByByGreg McIntyreNov 11, 2022

Accelerated Death Benefit 

  So, what is an accelerated death benefit?  Most people I have talked to have…

ByBymorgan morganOct 31, 2022

How illegal bank policies hurt the elderly.

How illegal bank policies hurt the elderly. Client discussion about how his mother is being…

ByBymorgan morganOct 3, 2022

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