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Why do I need a Will if I have a Trust?

I had this question from a client the other day. We were signing a trust…

ByByGreg McIntyreNov 28, 2022

Classic Car Trusts: Protecting Your Passion.

I was walking to a coffee shop today and saw this car driving down the…

ByByGreg McIntyreOct 30, 2022

Fixed Index Annuity 

What are fixed index annuities and how are they different from traditional annuities? Great question!…

ByBymorgan morganSep 21, 2022


To put it simply an annuity is a contract between a person and an insurance…

ByBymorgan morganSep 1, 2022

Tax Avoidance Series: Charitable Remainder Trusts

The tax code is full of rules to incentivize certain behaviors. One of the incentives…

ByByGreg McIntyreAug 23, 2022

Dancing On the Razor’s Edge

I remember the TV room at First Baptist Church daycare. It had shag carpet in…

ByByGreg McIntyreAug 9, 2022

Tax Avoidance Series: How to Avoid Estate/Gift Tax with Trusts and Annuities

  The estate/gift tax is a tax based on the value of the assets an…

ByByGreg McIntyreJul 28, 2022

Avoid Estate Tax without Sacrificing the Step-up in Basis

The Estate Tax, also known as the “death tax,” is going to be a reality…

ByByGreg McIntyreJul 6, 2022

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