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Happy New Year to everyone out there from me and the McIntyre Elder Law team! Exclusive right here 2020 we will be working extremely hard for clients and adding nursing home litigation to our areas of practice. We will always fight for you! Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year! Hey guys. This is Greg McIntyre with McIntyre Elder Law and I’m going to go home to party hard with my wife and children and my wife’s mother tonight, and we’re going to stay in there. We’ll probably get to bed before midnight, but I wanted to wish everyone out there a happy New Year. I am going to meet with Brenton tomorrow. We’re going to be doing planning. We’re going to start off with a workout and do planning all day on the new year and I’m excited about that.

There have been some amazing things that have happened with our firm this year. We’ve had a lot of growth over the last two years. I’m extremely grateful and thankful for that. There have been some bad things and some sad things that have happened this year also. I’ve been reflecting around this time of year on the great things and the not so great things. But I think for me, even when the not so great things happen, I’m able to review and see what I could have done differently, or how we can make things better. And that can mean anything from working with someone, to client services to, what kind of man I was, how I ate during the year.

My dream is to get up at 4:00 every morning and knock out a couple of hours of exercise and maybe some meditation before I start my day. But that doesn’t always happen mainly because life happens. So I’m always trying to get there, but I never quite get there. But I promise you that I will continue to try to be an educated attorney in our practice area, estate planning and elder law. That our firm will have a commitment to client and customer service to help you and your family achieve your goals, whatever it may be. Estate planning, probate, probate litigation, and I’d like to announce… That was Southern… Like to announce a new area of law that we are implementing within our firm that’s rarely done, but needs to be done because it is so needed. This is the first time I’ve ever said this to anyone outside of a small circle of people. We will start our nursing home litigation practice in 2020. We will start our nursing home litigation practice in 2020.

I was in court today with a woman who is almost 90 years old. And it was a litigation case. And I was helping her against another family member and we won. We were very lucky, very gracious. But I love to fight hard for clients and people out there that know me from another life when I was doing nothing but courtroom and trial litigation. I think would tell you that I fight extremely hard for our clients. We’ve been very effective in fighting for clients and we’re going to be.. I’m excited because I feel like we will be very effective at fighting for people who have been injured, hurt because of the negligence, malfeasance, bad actions of nursing homes out there. So I’m putting people on notice and I’m letting potential clients know and letting you guys know that I enjoy what I do. It’s not always roses. It hasn’t been always roses this year. I promise you we will keep working hard and I’ll work to be the hardest working attorney out there. If I can, I will try.

Please let me know if you ever have any questions, call us. (704) 749-9244 or online at Thank you to each and every client. I hope you have a great night. Be safe and give somebody, hopefully family, a hug and kiss tonight. Happy New Year.


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