Why I HATED… and now LOVE my job!

Jobs can be hard sometimes. As a young attorney I found myself working in every courtroom. My schedule was packed with court all day so I met with clients when I could and after court and worked on legal work/cases after hours. I barely slept. I remember at one point after a year of trying lots of long and tough cases I was utterly exhausted. I turned to alcohol and was alone lots. I withdrew. But… I knew there had to be a better way. I sought help. I surrounded myself with supportive people. I sought a better way to set up my practice, my business, to serve my clients. My family was always there to support me and they were great.

I joined a national group of estate planning attorneys called Elder Counsel. I was probably a member for at least 2 years before I actually took advantage of their seminars and the vast wealth of estate planning archives. 

I started developing a plan. I started writing lots. A magical thing happens when you put pen to paper. Writing forces you to organize your thoughts. Writing forces you to plan. That writing and planning became the blueprint for what McIntyre Elder Law is today.

Over the years I have written countless estate plans, articles, and four books, available on Amazon. I have published magazines and many other written pieces. Most of my writing, though, is for me. The creative writing, the journaling, the written plans for literally everything. I guess now I am addicted to writing, planning.

Journaling is huge for me. Stressors, the day-to-day can become a jumbled mess in my head. It all accumulates up there. Journaling forces me to vomit everything out on paper, think things through, which is a natural process of both getting it out of my head and in an organized way. Journaling also doubles as therapy. Once out of my head I instantly feel a weight lifted. I also have plenty of great content for articles, advertising, business strategies, to-do lists. I shudder to think what I could have accomplished if I would have started journaling sooner. 

Journaling helps me achieve clarity! I identified the #1 factor, a number of years ago, in any decision is clarity. Being clear on my feelings, data, thoughts regarding any situation. Once I am clear I can take off in a direction like I was shot out of a cannon. When I’m clear on an issue I can work quickly without second thought or regret. Clarity truly is king!

When I work with clients I encourage them to seek clarity. This involves clarity through writing.

  1. List your assets. All your stuff.
  2. List your heirs, Who are the people that matter in your life?
  3. List your goals of estate planning.
  4. Now you are ready to KNOW… you are CLEAR on how you want to create your estate plan.


This is a thought out process I developed through my own epiphanies and experiences. Notice the “list your goals” section is down on the list. The reason is I want you to get familiar on paper of what and who you have. Through that process you naturally organize and formulate a plan. Then you are ready to list your goals and create your estate plan and not until then. Until you have gone through this process you cannot be clear.

I am super proud of my journey. I am in awe of what myself and others at our firm here built over the years. I am humbled by our long client list of loyal, raving fans.

I would love to offer a FREE consultation with me or one of our attorneys to help you get clear on your estate plan.

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