2016 New Years Resolutions – Making Resolutions and Taking Action.

It’s a New Year again. Welcome to 2016 everyone. I’m totally jumping into 2016 this morning. It’s a new year, I can’t believe it’s a new year. Where’d the last year go man? I’m not ready. It went by quick. Maybe as we get older we sleep through a lot of it.

This is my year end review show or blog. I’m going to talk a little bit about resolutions and planning for 2016, and what that entails.

Resolutions are such a sensitive subject. “What are your resolutions?” They’re personal but general at the same time. Most of us throw out the same resolutions each year as if they’ve just become part of the tradition of New Year. Maybe that’s why so many of us fail to achieve our resolutions, and fail so quickly.

I want to change that.

I want to make a difference because your resolution should be something that can make a difference to you and even others in the new year.

And maybe that should be the first step to achieving your resolutions:
So my first point is this: Have a resolution (or resolutions) that make a difference, not just for you but for someone else also.
I know, resolutions are supposed to be or usually are self-centered or ego-centric. They’re supposed to be about how I can change something about myself that I don’t like, or improving something like finances, health, job or whatever.

Let me explain my thinking.

So that’s another year. We reflect on the year, we do the new years celebration thing, and then we set out to make new years resolutions for next year right. And that’s what everyone is doing right now or has already done.

Just a short while ago, I was looking at Time magazines top ten of all time broken new year’s resolutions. I chopped that down to the top five.

No.1- Lose weight and get fit.
No.2- Quit Smoking.
No.3- Learn something new.
No.4- Eat healthier and diet.
No.5- Get out of debt and save money.

I think those are the top resolutions made and broken.

Most resolutions as I mentioned are self centered or ego-centric. That’s not that we’re deliberately trying to exclude other people, we just want to make improvements for ourselves.

And it occurred to me that if you make resolutions that include others, that can benefit another person, you’ll be more likely to succeed in those resolutions. That brings me to my second resolution point: Accountability.

Having a resolution that can benefit another, even if that benefit is secondary to your own, will push you to follow through. You will feel accountable.
So if you want to get fit, start riding bikes with your kids. Or resolve to do something where you have support from others, who support your goals.

If you want to resolve financial goals, bring your spouse in on it. If you have someone who is an advocate with you, you won’t want to let them down. You become accountable to them, which pushes you to succeed.

Hayden who works in my office said on our New Years Radio Show that, “the best exercise program I ever did, I did with a friend and I would feel I let her down if I didn’t do it. It helps your plan if you make a commitment to someone else.”

So, what are your resolutions for 2016 and how are you planning on keeping to them. Figuring that part out is as important as the resolution itself, if not more so.

For me, I grew a lot this year, personally and professionally. I really focused on estate planning and elder law services. I didn’t spread myself thin. And that’s really amazing, I call it the X factor, I’ll write a book about it one day.

Doing this allowed me to take action. I mean real action

And that brings me to my third resolution point: Don’t spread yourself thin. Don’t have 20 wildly differing resolutions all going at the same time in different directions.

Having just a few resolutions to focus on will allow you to achieve the next point much more effectively. So point four is: Take action. “Actions speak louder than words.”

So, here they are:
• Choose your top two or three resolutions and commit to them. Just a couple of them. Focus on those only.
• Then make sure you bring someone in with you. Someone who will maybe benefit from your resolution also, who will support your goal, and hold you accountable. Who will keep you on track.
• Take action. Don’t let your resolutions just be words. Put action behind them.

And finally and possibly the most important point of all, make sure you really want to achieve your resolution. I know how that may sound. What I mean is, choose the resolutions closest to your heart.
Example: If you need to lose a few pounds but you’re only doing it because people are telling you that you should, the chances are you will drop it like a stone at the first opportunity. Choose from your heart.

What are the most important things to you that you want to resolve this New Year?

Good luck and Happy New Year everyone.

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