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I’m Hayden Soloway of McIntyre Elder Law. My guests today are Woody and Franda Aud. They’re going to talk to us about their experiences with McIntyre elder law.

My name is Woody Aud and I just recently retired from the financial services industry. I met Greg at a financial seminar dealing with elder law and financial planning several years ago. I was impressed with the message he had, and the things he could do to help clients. When I retired, I started referring folks to him with regards to veteran’s benefits because I had great confidence in him.

The main thing that Greg helped us with was with my wife Franda’s aunt, who recently became ill. I’ll leave it to Franda to tell the particulars on that.

Hi Franda, about your aunt, Frances, could you tell us a little about what Greg did for her and you?

My Aunt Frances survived two husbands, she never had children. I have two cousins and a brother and we’re the only family she has left. She’s 93 and her health started to go down rapidly. She had poor circulation and issues throughout her life but would always snap back. Unfortunately, this time that didn’t happen.

We were forced to find some type of care for her. She was in a facility following surgery, and the money was running out, and she needed twenty-four hour care. You know how expensive those situations can be. As my husband said, he met Greg at a seminar, but it didn’t dawn on me to call Greg at the time she was going through these things. Thank goodness Woody remembered.

We came to the office and Greg was able to guide and help us get Frances qualified for long-term-care for Medicaid, because her assets were very small. She did not manage her assets wisely. I guess with losing both husbands she was on her own and wouldn’t ask for help.

Like most seniors, we put most of our assets into our home. Once that’s paid for you feel like, at least I’ve got a place.

Right, you feel confident at that point. But we were concerned about her home, and when we came to Greg, he got us to do the Ladybird Deed to protect her home. That was a blessing.

A Ladybird Deed is not available in all states. Fortunately, North Carolina is senior friendly and does accept Ladybird deeds. So, you’ve protected her home and she’s qualified for Medicaid.

Yes, and that went through very quickly. If we had to do that on our own, we would probably still be trying to get her qualified.

Woody mentioned about it being a crisis situation. Planning in advance, which is less expensive, can help protect many more assets. If you are in a crisis and are already in a nursing home and the money is flying out the door, it’s unbelievable how expensive it is, but we can stop it and help preserve those assets.

We were very glad we had Greg to help us. It was a blessing.

We appreciate you coming in and sharing this. I think this can help others ask the questions we didn’t know to ask, and benefit from your experience.

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