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“The Elder Law Report” Listening to the Universe.

Signs, Signs, everywhere the signs… What are the signs you need to plan and what do you…

ByByJul 7, 2017

Charitable Giving with Special Guest: Jack Weller

Charitable Giving! Jack Weller, President of the Board of Directors of the Cleveland County Boys & Girls…

ByByJun 30, 2017

LISTEN UP!!! All About Hearing Aids and Loss.

Can You Hear Me Now? Better hearing through technology and service with Dr. Kay B. Young, Director…

ByByJun 23, 2017

Live Radio: Elder Law Report: Orlando Disaster Interview – How to plan for family disasters

Coming off a week which included our office flooding, we were inspired to discuss how we could…

ByByJun 21, 2017

PLAN AHEAD! An ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure.

We love helping families prepare to protect heir hard earned money and property. Even the very basic…

ByByJun 21, 2017

Lunch with a Veteran, Arthur Gordon:

Art served in the Air Force, retired after 28 years as an aircraft mechanic and has worked…

ByByJun 19, 2017

Video: Important Info about Vets Pension of up to approximately $34k per year…

Wartime veterans and their spouses or surviving spouses may be entitled to a pension benefit called “Aid…

ByByJun 18, 2017

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