De-Stressin’ at the Beach 🏖

     I used to love to go on vacation. It was just a magical fun time. I would spend al day at the beach and in the ocean catching waves with my float. Now things are a bit different. Stef, 5 of our 6 kids, and I left for the beach this past Saturday.

     We rented a house a few blocks from the beach big enough for our family and it had a little saltwater swimming pool in the back. The kids loved the pool and it gave them something to do from the second they got up until us grown folks were ready to venture down to the beach in the afternoon.

     For the last couple of years vacations have been different for me. I have literally been sick for the first four-to-five days we were on vacation. Why? I’m not sure, but I have a good guess. First, when I’m on vacation my caffeine intake reduces by a factor of ten and that can come as quite a shock to the system. Second, my sleep increases by a factor of ten and I catch up on much needed zzzzzz’s. I run pretty hard in my professional life and it seams to now take me the better part of a week to detox and wind down so I can enjoy the last couple of days of the vacation. If you research optimal vacation lengths you will come up with the length of two weeks. The first week to detox and unwind and the second week to enjoy the vacation. Who has two full weeks in their schedule in a row for vacation time? I currently do not. So for now I will settle for the rest, detox and relaxation of the one-week variety.

     Now this does present some other questions that I would be smart to answer. Could I reduce my intake of coffee during the workweek? Could I get more sleep? Perhaps the pre-workout intake in the evenings and long workouts that keep me up late at night should shift to mornings. All good thoughts and all things I will work on so that when I do stop for a vacay I don’t feel like staying in bed until 10am or Noon everyday.


     My main takeaway from this vacation was how thankful I am for my family. We hung out together, ate every meal together, rode waves together and caught up on some TV shows together like Cobra Kai which I would highly recommend.

     I used to loath vacations because it would take time away from work and clients and building my practice. I still bring some work with me and unavoidably field calls daily but I really enjoy the downtime now. Plus I come back super refreshed with new ideas and ready to go at it again. To my amazement, our firm races on without me and sometimes I think does better without me meddling in the day-to-day and micro managing everything. I am very proud of our firm and I am very proud of my family. I am proud of what we are building.

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Greg McIntyre Elder Law Attorney

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