Don’t Plan!

Don’t worry about the future. None of us have a crystal ball and none of us can determine what might happen. So why worry about it?

While you’re at it, you shouldn’t worry about protecting your assets from probate or the cost of long-term care. Seventy percent of individuals over sixty-five will need some type of long-term care. But whatever, you’re probably not going to fall into that seventy percent figure.

So what if care costs five to ten thousand dollars a month? You might not even ever need care in the first place.

And probate. Why worry about that long and expensive process after you pass away? So what if creditors, like medical creditors, can come after your hard-earned property in probate? After all, you won’t be around for that anyway.

What if you become incompetent or incapacitated? Your loved one won’t be able to act on your behalf. But that’s what the state is there for.

Forget about doing a will as well. You don’t need to pick who will receive your assets after you die. The state will take care of that as well.

Why spend the time and money on an estate plan when you may be one of the lucky ones? Maybe you should just let Lady Luck do her thing. . . APRIL FOOLS!







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