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It’s that time of year again. Time for our family of clients to schedule their free annual reviews. If there has been a change in your family, and your life during the past year it is a great time to schedule your free annual review to ensure you were state plan still meet your needs. Call our office today to schedule: 704-749-9244 or online at:


I hope that this letter finds you well, and I want to tell you how much I value the trust you have placed in me as your attorney.  As a service to you and my other valued clients, I offer a free review annually, not only to have the chance to visit and catch up with how you are doing, but also to review your estate plan and other documents in light of any possible changes.  Such changes can occur because of a change in your situation or at the whim of a well-intended legislator, but with just a few minutes in my office, we can insure that everything is in place in accordance with your needs and wishes.  Below is a short list of some such occurrences which may create a need for minor – and, infrequently, major – changes to protect your home, other property and assets, and your hard-earned money:


·      Marriage ·      Birth of Child
·      Divorce ·      Birth of a Grandchild
·      Death of a Spouse or Family Member ·      Child Becoming 21
·      Purchase or Sale of a Home ·      Change in Resources/Inheritance
·      Purchase of Rental or Vacation Home ·      Special Needs Child or Spouse
·      Declining Health ·      Aging


Please call at your convenience, and we will set up a few minutes for you to either come to my office or, if you would prefer, meet in your home – or in a restaurant over a cup of coffee (I’ll buy).  As always, whether or not you have any changes which affect your situation, there is no obligation for this meeting; it is totally free of charge to you, a valued client, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.  You may reach me at my office at 704.749.9244.

Very Truly Yours,

Gregory S. McIntyre, JD, MBA

Attorney at Law

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