The Little Guy

Call me sentimental, but I’ve always been one to root the little guy. Powers tends to be a zero sum scenario, where those who have it benefit, and those who don’t . . .don’t. Even in a free democracy, we have instances of unfairness and inequity. One of the reasons I decided to become an attorney is my desire to balance the scales. That’s what justice is all about. 

To help ensure inequality, I first had to determine who the “little guy” was. It turns out, it’s the everyday, middle class American citizen. The middle class is truly the backbone of the United States. We pay most of the taxes, provide must of the opportunities, and work most of the jobs. However, despite the incredible positive impact of the everyday nine to five man or woman, the folks in the middle class are facing a huge crisis that no politician is addressing. 

Specifically, over 70% of individuals retirement age and older will need long-term care. That percentage is going up as medical technology is getting better. As it turns out, people are living longer but their quality of life isn’t necessarily increasing at the same rate.

These odds are a HUGE deal because long-term care costs hundreds of thousands dollars a year. Most middle-class individuals cannot afford to pay five to ten thousand dollars a month. Folks in this situation face losing everything they’ve worked hard all of their lives to earn. Sadly, a large number of individuals face this reality. Luckily, don’t have to be one of them. 

There are many tools that you can use to protect assets and qualify for benefits to pay for long-term care. These tools include trusts, like irrevocable trusts to protect money, or deeds, like Ladybird deeds, to protect your home. 

At McIntyre Elder Law, we provide our potential clients with a free hour to sit down with an experienced elder law attorney to determine the tools that will help you protect your hard earned money and property. We discuss your goals (such as providing an inheritance for children and grandchildren) and analyze your potential risks. We also provide an in-depth explanation of the methods that will meet your goals. 

At McIntyre Elder Law, we believe in protecting the little guy and we would love to give you the opportunity to be a part of our family of clients who have a plan and peace of mind. Schedule your free consultation today at (704)-259-7040. 

Brenton S. Begley

Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney


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