The Season for Thanks And (Efficient) Giving

The holiday season brings many of us an annual reminder to share our love, our cooking, and our gifts with those around us.  I have been thinking specifically about what it means to give gifts during this time of year because of the unique position my role as an attorney provides for me to witness the power of giving on a daily basis. 

I see it when parents come in and do the hard work of planning ahead for future medical and financial decisions so that their children aren’t challenged with handling future crisis situations on their own.  I see it when someone comes in to take on the task of seeking guardianship for a parent that needs help with managing their affairs and receiving care later in life.  I see it when an individual takes the time to set up estate planning documents that benefit a charitable cause that they are passionate about.  I simply see continuous examples of how giving our clients can be and how powerful that giving is. 

I am also reflecting on what role we as attorneys have in that giving process.  There is a school of thought that I like to reference called efficient giving.  It typically refers to what is the most efficient way to donate your money to charitable organizations.  Some organizations believe that their charitable goals are best met if the donations they receive are used in broader ways, such as a focus on marketing to get new donors and grow their total number of gifts that they receive.  On the other side of that coin are organizations that focus on maintaining as little overhead costs as possible so that they maximize the extent to which every donation they receive goes directly to the cause that they are supporting. 

I bring this up not to argue for one position over the other, but to argue for the idea of efficient giving itself when it comes to caring for those that mean the most to you and how our firm fits into that ideal.

I see how our firm plays an important role in making sure that your giving is efficient.  We study these areas intensely and always look to better ourselves in this practice so that when you turn to us for help in giving to those that you care about, we know how to get you to your goal in the best possible way.  When documents are done poorly, when cases are handled incorrectly, or when actions are taken without the right advice it can be a recipe for a very inefficient way for you to give to your loved ones. 

Being in a position to minimize the stressful nature of these situations and allow you to efficiently give is something that I am proud of.  And you should be proud too, because the gift that you give by stepping up to difficult conversations and hard tasks for the benefit of someone that you care deeply about leaves a legacy that keeps on giving.  As we move towards a new year, this being my first with the team here at McIntyre Elder Law, I am rejuvenated knowing that our work at this firm carries on the ideals of giving and helping others to give.  If there is something in your life that comes to your mind as you read this, a gift that remains undelivered, we are here to work with you to achieve that.  Our goal is to make your gift to a loved one in the most efficient way possible, so that you get to give yourself less stress and peace of mind.

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