Whatever You Do… DO NOT PLAN!


Whatever life throws at you handle without a plan.

The design is such that everything will be fine.

Elected officials have drafted a statutory will for your clan.

The house rules and game will work out in time.


Your hard work and efforts may all go to waste.

Simply because of a lack of foresight.

“I don’t want to spend money or make haste.”

Said the apathetic man with no site.


Someone else will be living in your house one day.

All because of a lack of insurance.

You will give all your retirement away.

All because of a lack of legal assurance.


It costs a few schillings to properly plan.

No one wants to fight the traffic.

Plus you would have to go see the lawyer man.

Flying by the seat of your pants feels simply fantastic!


Alas, alas, you are at your end.

The light it fades, the room grows dim.

You see your family, your life, your friends.

Too late it is to begin again.

Too late it is to craft a plan.


Whatever you do… DO NOT PLAN!


The Government.

The Man.



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Greg McIntyre Elder Law Attorney

Greg McIntyre Elder Law Attorney

written by:

Greg McIntyre

Elder Law Attorney


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