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My guest today is Joe Seidel, division director of Bayada home healthcare and keynote speaker at our 4 city seminar tour beginning March 1st in Asheville, March 3rd in Morganton, March 8th in Charlotte and March 10th in Shelby.


Doors open at 5:30 at each location for the vendor fair. At 6 we serve the meal and present with a Q&A time, and close at 8pm.
To reserve a seat call 1-888-794-8631, or watch the video at and sign up.


Today we are discussing home health care, and how to pay for it.

Nowadays, you can receive minimum level care to hospital level ICU care, in-home through Bayada. They have 300 offices (50 in NC) in 22 states.

People want to stay at home.
There is definite health and psychological benefits to being in your own home. We have a really broad range of services from pediatric, assistive care, companionship, care for people with dementia, or wander risks, running errands, all the way up to high tech nursing and very high level complicated care.


You go into the home and see the sacrifices the spouse and family members make to keep somebody at home. If you’ve got your loved one in a facility and it’s an hour away, that’s tough.

We have phenomenal care givers in the field, the training they get, and compassion they demonstrate. They could be in that home 12 hours at a time, and in many cases they become almost part of the family.

Recently our Shelby office had the RN of the year, and last year the Shelby office had the No.1 home health aid for the entire company, that’s 25’000 employees. When you dig in and find out what our care givers are doing in the field, we just hear some incredibly amazing stories.

How does Bayada offer ICU care to someone at home?

A number of years ago iron lung machines took up the whole house, some of these now are the size of a laptop. Ventilators, suctions machines, we have all kinds of equipment that can be in someone’s home.

One of the really unique things we have is the training for our nurses. Our simulation lab will be at each of the seminars so people can see our training process.

Watch the Full Interview Here:

We have high definition mannequins programmed to do whatever you need to. If you’re not doing protocols properly the lips start to turn blue, it can go into cardiac arrest, the mannequin can even die if not doing the protocols properly. It helps to give them a life like scenario. And like I said we have developed scenarios which would potentially be likely.

If there’s a power outage, and the back up generator fails, what do you do? It’s really fascinating the technology available to keep people at home.

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Paying for Bayada
Medicare is an episodic spell of illness which is for 60 days. And a person would need to be home bound during that time. That’s a Part A benefit with Medicare so that’s paid for 100%.

We have Medicaid waiver programs, called PCS which is Personal Care Services, that’s physician recommended. Cap DA Program (Community Alternatives Program/ Disabled Adults). Each county has it’s own Cap DA agency. We have contracts with most major insurance, private insurance companies, workers compensation, VA veterans, and we take private funds.

Each person is unique as they come to this and there are a lot of paying options available.

I want to wrap up on the 4 city seminar.

Last year we did a couple of seminars, and found out the public needs to know more about what’s available from a home care standpoint. So this is an educational seminar. We talk about all the different services, the payer types that are available, and you’re going to be talking about how to preserve your assets. We will have a geriatric care manager who helps you walk through this journey of care for their family member.

We’ve got some really great vendors lined up. Phillips Life Line, Edward Jones, Greg McIntyre of course, Hospice, a gentleman talking about VA benefits and a lot more.

Come to one of those seminars in your area. You can go to our website and sign up for our newsletter.

I’m Greg McIntyre of McIntyre Elder Law.

If You Have Any Questions Call: 704-259-7040

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