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Spring Training!!! Get ready for the season.

Hi I’m Greg McIntyre, I’m here with Hayden Soloway and today we are talking about spring training. I thought about…

ByByGreg McIntyreMar 29, 2017

The World’s Greatest Undiscovered Playwright!

Lunch With a Veteran: Ludy Wilkie – Veteran, Journalist and The World’s Greatest Undiscovered Playwright. #theelderlawguy

ByByMar 27, 2017

Chef to Presidents, Veteran Martin CJ Mongiello

I’m Greg McIntyre with a special chef’s version of lunch with a veteran today. Martin Mongiello is executive director of…

ByByGreg McIntyreMar 26, 2017

Answers to your Elder Law Questions!

– What’s the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? – What is a Lady Bird Deed? – What…

ByByMar 24, 2017

Get it Together Seminar

Get It Together Seminar!!! Watch this fun and cool event for seniors. I love my job! #theelderlawguy

ByByMar 24, 2017

Controversial State of the Nation Address – Rit Varriale – This week’s lunch with a veteran!

Dr. Rit Varriale – Pastor, Army Ranger, Citadel, Duke, Campbell, Princeton Graduate. Accomplished author and outspoken advocate.…

ByByMar 21, 2017

Elder Law Presser. First “Official” Press Conference of The Elder Law Guy!!!

Good morning I’m Greg McIntyre the Elder Law Guy getting ready here with Hayden Soloway and our host the famous…

ByByGreg McIntyreMar 19, 2017

Avoiding SCAMS! Special Guest: Officer Melvin.

SCAMS! Matt Melvin with the Police Department tells seniors and their families how to avoid scams. #theelderlawguy

ByByMar 17, 2017

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