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Elder Law Report: How to Protect the Things You are Thankful For: ALSO… Join us for our office Thanksgiving party!!!



Greg McIntyre:        As I walk through the office, I’m smelling the turkey. Look at that. Bam. Bam. We’re having Thanksgiving dinner here at the office and it got me thinking today for the Elder Law Report that I wanted to talk about, a little bit about Thanksgiving, what we had to be thankful for. I’m going to film a little of our office Thanksgiving, too, so I’ll show you what we’re doing. People in there hard at work. Felicia. We’re going to have our whole office coming together today. And they’re going to be coming together … Hey, Brent.

Brenton:               Hey. Oh, doing a video.

Greg McIntyre:        Yeah.

Brenton:               Looking good.

Greg McIntyre:        I didn’t have it facing forward, I had it facing toward me.

Brenton:               Oh, okay. Well, I waved and I guess you didn’t catch it.

Greg McIntyre:        You know, Brent, what I was talking about today, here’s our cook. Our chef. My wife’s at home making stuffing by hand.

Sonya:              Green bean casserole.

Greg McIntyre:        That turkey I just showed you in the oven, Sonya who is literally … I mean, she’s a great cook.

Sonya:              Thank you. I love it.

Greg McIntyre:        And loves cooking. We’re all going to be together, our whole office.

Sonya:              Whole office.

Greg McIntyre:        We thought it was important to-

Sonya:              I want everybody here.

Greg McIntyre:        … shut down the Charlotte office literally today, come in to the Shelby office.

Sonya:              And break bread together.

Greg McIntyre:        And break bread together and be together. And that’s what families on Thanksgiving.

Brenton:               It’s like a pilgrimage.

Sonya:              It is.

Greg McIntyre:        Yeah, a pilgrimage. We are making a pilgrimage-

Brenton:               From Charlotte to Shelby.

Greg McIntyre:        … all of us to be together today. This is, yes, Plymouth Rock.

Brenton:               And we are the Indians.

Greg McIntyre:        I guess the point that I was thinking about and the message that I was going to send is we could talk about legal planning on this episode. We could talk about lady bird deeds, help you save your home and pass it to the kids. We could talk about foundational work, general durable power of attorney, healthcare power of attorney, living will and will that if you don’t have in place could jeopardize you or your loved ones’ ability to save your home and other money or property if you become incompetent or incapacitated because of illness or injury. We could talk about trust that can help you protect your assets, maximize your taxable exemption, control money and property well after you’re gone. We could talk about those things. But what’s really important is the fact that we’re going to be together. And that presents an opportunity.

Sonya:              It does.

Greg McIntyre:        When families come together at Thanksgiving and around the holidays, they really have an opportunity to get together to talk, to discuss things. And sometimes it’s hard to talk to mom or dad.

Sonya:              It’s the hard questions to ask.

Greg McIntyre:        It’s hard. For me, it’s hard to think about stepping up and approaching my mom or my dad and saying, “Hey, look. I’m concerned about these things. We’re all getting older. We ain’t getting no younger, right?”

Sonya:              Not yet.

Greg McIntyre:        And what are your plans? Do you even have the basic things in place that if something happened to you that we would be able to take care of you and keep the band playing, keep the bills being paid, keep the accounts being managed? Do you have things in place to protect real estate, to protect your retirement? Those are tough conversations to have, but they need to be had.

Sonya:              It’s questions that need to be asked.

Greg McIntyre:        That’s right.

Sonya:              And what more of an important time and availability to make that happen is when all of the family, especially extended family who may be out of town who are going to play a part in this decision making and help come to those decisions, so this is the perfect time to sit around the table, break bread with your family, and have those tough conversations.

Greg McIntyre:        Literally sit around the Thanksgiving table and take time over the holidays. For me, I’m going to Savannah, Georgia because my family moved there in 2002 with my dad’s job. My four sisters are there. I’m going to take four days. I’ll probably leave Wednesday evening and I’ll be down there through Sunday.

Sonya:              Awesome, awesome.

Greg McIntyre:        And we’re just going to hang out together. There’s plenty of opportunities for me to go hit a golf ball with dad and talk to dad about it.

Sonya:              Spend some time.

Brenton:               And you know, speaking of hard conversations, I think that our clients if I had to guess are very thankful for the fact that we have hard conversations with them. Our consultations are real and that’s what we asked you to do and we employed you to do to sit down with your parents, with your loved ones, with your siblings and have those hard conversations, because what you get from that is peace of mind.

Greg McIntyre:        We have those conversations every day. That’s a good point.

Brenton:               Yeah. And vitamin G as Bob would say, that vitamin G, that gratefulness that you have afterwards of having that conversation and getting things in place and feeling like you have some structure there and not having to worry.

Greg McIntyre:        And that’s the peace of mind, right?

Brenton:               That’s right. That’s the peace of mind.

Sonya:              You can’t put a price on that.

Brenton:               No, you can’t.

Greg McIntyre:        I mean, I have clients who call me and tell me that they literally stay up nights, they stay up nights worrying.

Brenton:               Oh, man. Yeah.

Greg McIntyre:        They stay up nights worrying.

Brenton:               That gets me every time, too, because you don’t have to.

Greg McIntyre:        Getting those planning elements in place can save you from that, can give you that peace of mind. So I would employ you …

Brenton:               Implore?

Greg McIntyre:        I would implore you. I employ you. Actually, I kind of feel like I work for her a lot of times, okay? This is our office manager. And my unsteady hand. Don’t let me drop you, okay? I employ you. This is not funny anymore.

Brenton:               Implore.

Greg McIntyre:        I implore you. Sit down at the table, at the Thanksgiving dinner table. When I’m taking a walk with dad or hitting a golf ball with dad or maybe get in the kitchen with mom and have a few of those tough conversations. Hey, as a conversation starter, some times I’ll show you what can help. This is a great help conversation starter. This is Saving the Farm, a book I wrote, a practical guide to the legal maze of aging in America. It talks about foundational planning, lady bird deeds, trust planning. We’d be glad, we’d love for you to have a copy. Call us to get a copy, 704-749-9244 or go to, okay? That’s a great conversation starter. Great gift and great bedside table book or coffee table book for mom or dad when they’re looking and thinking about how to make that planning happen and what to do.

                        I hope everyone out there has a Happy Thanksgiving. Please watch for a few minutes longer. I want to show you our great team and I want to show you what we’ve made for Thanksgiving dinner at our office, a little pre Thanksgiving so we can come to Plymouth Rock, right?

Brenton:               That’s right.

Greg McIntyre:        So we can come here to McEntire Elder Law to our home office and break bread together. So have a great weekend, have a great holiday. Bye.

Sonya:              They got passed down and now it’s mine. That’s what they have, but instead of being that color it’s [crosstalk 00:07:08].

Greg McIntyre:        This is the knife.

Sonya:              That’s the knife.

Greg McIntyre:        You could hack up a turkey with this thing.

Sonya:              That’s what your daddy does. [crosstalk 00:07:14]

Greg McIntyre:        This kind of smells when you run it.

Sonya:              You don’t get no turkey. No turkey for you.

Greg McIntyre:        No, I just mean the knife. You can smell-

Sonya:              You can smell the love. They got passed down and now it’s mine. That’s what they have, but instead of being that color [crosstalk 00:07:32].

Greg McIntyre:        This is the knife.

Sonya:              That’s the knife.

Greg McIntyre:        You could hack up a turkey with this thing.

Sonya:              That’s what your daddy does. [crosstalk 00:07:40]

Greg McIntyre:        This kind of smells when you run it.

Brenton:               I was reading your name tags-

Greg McIntyre:        Trick or treat, smell my feet. Give me something good to eat. Oh, wrong holiday.

Stefanie:        Wrong holiday.

Greg McIntyre:        You made all this, Stefanie?

Stefanie:        I did. Sonya made the turkey and she made-

Greg McIntyre:        Sonya made the turkey, you made all this. My wife and firm manager, Thanksgiving party. Thank you, Sonya.

Sonya:              You’re welcome. Let’s eat.

Greg McIntyre:        Thank you.

Stephanie:        You’re welcome.

Greg McIntyre:        Wife. Stephanie.

Taylor:        Stephanie, I just want to let you know that I made it today. I wasn’t invited but I made it.

Greg McIntyre:        Where’s everybody at?

Taylor:        I wasn’t invited.

Stefanie:        I’m sure that-

Greg McIntyre:        Is this everybody? We didn’t get everybody here.

Stefanie:        You were invited, it was just like unspoken.

Sonya:              You just knew you were supposed to be here.

Brenton:               [crosstalk 00:08:26]

Greg McIntyre:        Unplug the phones.

Speaker 6:        Jessica.

Jessica:             Yes, ma’am?

Speaker 6:        For guardianship, do I just message you and [crosstalk 00:08:42]-

Greg McIntyre:        Where’s everybody else in the back?

Brenton:               [crosstalk 00:08:42]

Greg McIntyre:        I just filmed you doing that. Come on, eat. Woo.

Stefanie:        And he won a truck. I won a door prize from [inaudible 00:08:57] Woodworking, but I got to go pick it up. I won it three weeks ago and I forgot to go get it.

Greg McIntyre:        You’re fine.

Sonya:              We need to be playing the Adam Sandler [crosstalk 00:09:08].

Greg McIntyre:        Kelly, come eat. Ayana, come eat.

Kelly:                I’m coming.

Speaker 9:        Okay.

Greg McIntyre:        It’s grub time. [crosstalk 00:09:20]

                        That’s not good. Okay. I got gravy. Who wants gravy?

Sonya:              It’s all gravy, baby.

Greg McIntyre:        Dude, man. Thanksgiving dinner is not complete without gravy. Who wants gravy? Anybody want gravy.

Sonya:              I’ve got gravy.

Greg McIntyre:        You don’t want gravy?

Brenton:               All right. We’re going to have to get all close over the [inaudible 00:09:51].

Greg McIntyre:        God, man. Freaking gravy averse. Hey guys. You want some gravy. I’ve got gravy.

Stefanie:        You’ve got little pots-

Greg McIntyre:        I’ve got a pot of gravy, Kelly.

Kelly:                I don’t want no gravy.

Greg McIntyre:        Eat your gravy. Stef, you want gravy?

Stefanie:        You know, I don’t know yet. I’m going to see.

Greg McIntyre:        Okay. Well, I’m going to put it on the stove.


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