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Brenton talks about his career, tells us a little bit about himself, and why he practices elder law.



                        Hi, Brenton Begley with McIntyre Elder Law. And I wanted to jump on today and tell you why I chose elder law as a profession. You know, there’s lots of different types of law and I could’ve chose any one of those. I’ve actually done a few types of law, but elder law is my favorite one. Okay. And I decided to do this type of law because it makes me happy. Selfishly it really does make me happy. And the reason why it makes me happy is because I care about my clients that care about the law. And my clients really do care about the law. They want to know how to preserve their assets, they want to know how to protect their assets. They want to know how to make sure their children or their children’s children benefit from their hard earned money and assets.

                        And my clients do care about the law. When I say that, I mean it. And I love being able to educate them about the things that can help them preserve their assets and maybe pay for their long term care. Right? And I have clients that come in all the time and say, I just feel like there’s such a lack of information out there. And that’s true. They tell me, why don’t more people do a Lady Bird Deed? Why don’t more people know about the benefits of a trust and avoiding probate? And the reality is that there’s just a severe lack of education out there for people like you. Right?

                        And that’s what my goal is to educate. I love to teach. If I wasn’t doing this, I would probably be some type of law professor, right? But there’s lack of information out there for my clients. So this is what I chose to do is to teach every day my clients, new concepts to help prevent their money, their hard earned assets from being taken. Okay?

                        And that’s why we started McIntyre Elder Law in the first place is to protect people like you who have concerns about what’s going to happen in the future. How am I going to pay for longterm care? What risks do my assets face? We would love to tell you how that works, right? All of that and more. And we have a lot of information. Like I said, we love to teach. We put videos out all the time. We’ve written books. We have a podcast. If you want more information, I encourage you to visit our website at or call our office (704) 259-7040.


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