Why Greg Practices Elder Law

Elder Law Attorney, Greg McIntyre, explains why he practices Elder Law and founded McIntyre Elder Law, a Firm with a focus on estate planning and elder law. Learn more at or call: 704-749-9244.



Greg McIntyre:             Hi, I’m Greg McIntyre with McIntyre Elder Law, and this is why I practice elder law and why our practice is named McIntyre Elder Law. I named our practice McIntyre Elder Law a number of years ago to focus us both internally and send a message externally that all we practiced is estate planning and elder law. That’s all. However, still people come in from time to time to asked me who my partner, mister elder, is, so we want, which I think it’s funny and they do, sometimes, but we wanted to just make sure that we didn’t get outside of our lane. Our goal is to be an inch wide and a mile deep in our knowledge area and our subject area and just stay within the field and be knowledgeable in the field of elder law and estate planning. So that is what our firm name is. That’s what our focus is.

Why did I focus on estate planning and elder law way back when? And I did love courtroom work, but this allowed me to do both. I still get to do litigation with guardianships, as well as contested probate litigation, which can be pretty intense and pretty tough sometimes, believe it or not, when people are fighting over money and estates. And so I’ve always actually enjoyed the courtroom work side of it, but I also enjoyed the strategy of planning to help people save their hard earned money and property.

I mean, I’ve had a grandfather, Papa Mack, who stayed in assisted living care over 14 years. It really took everything you had. And I never thought it was fair that he or anyone else in that situation who, because of no fault of their own and perhaps a lack of perceived planning or planning options or knowledge about planning, that people lose everything they’ve earned all their lives in the last few years of their lives because of the high cost sometimes assisted living, or nursing home care, or in home care.

There are other options out there and I wanted to find those options. In the quest for those options, I became a member of a national group of elder law attorneys. That’s Elder Council, which I’m very proud to be a member of Elder Council. That gives me a very deep bench of attorneys who help me solve problems and I help them solve problems if there’s things that we are working on or haven’t seen before. It just gives me a great network to communicate with and to work within. So very proud member of Elder Council.

And the more I started doing those things, the more it became imperative that I just focus in this area because I enjoyed it so much. And one of the hardest things I ever did was to cut out all the other areas of law that I practiced, because I loved my clients in those areas and I loved practicing in the courtroom and I loved those areas. But actually narrowing down that focus has allowed us to develop so many tools, opportunities, just new relationships and become the firm that we are today at McIntyre Elder Law, which has multiple attorneys and, I think, one of the greatest staffs that I’ve ever seen at a law firm assembled and just very blessed to be a part of that team also. I mean, everybody’s handpicked for the most part, gets along great. And our goal is to serve our clients and to go the extra mile.

So I’m Greg McIntyre at McIntyre Elder Law, and I practice elder law because I like helping people. That’s exactly why I practice. And it makes me feel great to help you and your family save your hard earned money and property because I think you deserve it. Give us a call if you have any questions. Our number’s (704) 749-9244 or you can go online and visit our website That’s Have a great day.


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