Inside McIntyre Elder Law: Navigating Estate Planning and Asset Protection with a Personal Touch

Stepping inside the bustling hub of McIntyre Elder Law on 112 South Tryon, it’s immediately clear that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill law office. The air is imbued with a warm, inviting ambiance, complete with the welcoming scent of homemade cookies and the sound of friendly banter.

Eugene, our guide for the day, is here to give us a tour and introduce us to the key figures behind this esteemed establishment, beginning with Greg McIntyre, the dynamic elder law attorney at the helm.

What sets McIntyre Elder Law apart from others, Greg explains, is the firm’s unwavering dedication to understanding their clients’ needs on a deeply personal level. When a client walks in, they are not treated as just another case; they are treated as individuals, with unique needs and concerns.

The office operates on a client-centric approach. The moment you step in, you’re made to feel at home. Ms. Vashae, the firm’s congenial meet-and-greet officer, ensures every client feels welcome and at ease. The firm’s mission goes beyond offering excellent legal guidance; they aim to leave a lasting, positive impression on every client, embodying Maya Angelou’s wise words that people will always remember how you made them feel.

One key area of elder law that Greg McIntyre emphasizes is estate planning, specifically the often-overlooked risks of spending down or losing all your assets due to the high costs of long-term care. It’s a frightening scenario, but one that Greg and his team are dedicated to helping clients avoid, manage, or even reverse.

Brenton Begley, another brilliant attorney at McIntyre Elder Law, chips in with his perspective on estate taxes and wealth transfer. He explains that for most people, estate tax is not a factor at the state level in North Carolina. However, federal estate taxes could apply for individuals with estates over $12 million. The firm offers specialized solutions such as setting up trusts to help clients who might be subject to these taxes, providing them with the most effective tools and strategies to protect their wealth.

In dealing with complex issues like taxes and long-term care costs, which can eat into your assets, Brenton advises that the first step is knowing what the risks are. It’s a sobering fact that any one of us has a 70% chance of needing long-term care, an expense that could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. They strive to strike a balance between maintaining their clients’ independence and control over their assets, while also ensuring a comprehensive plan is in place to protect against potential future long-term care needs.

Greg sums up the firm’s philosophy beautifully: communication. At McIntyre Elder Law, they believe in not just working together during a case, but also offering continuous support after, including a free annual review.

The team at McIntyre Elder Law is always just a call away at 1-888-999-6600 or reachable online at As their catchy jingle rings out, “Please don’t wait ’til it’s too late, call McIntyre Elder Law.”

The personal touch at McIntyre Elder Law creates not just a comfortable atmosphere but fosters a lasting bond with their clients. This is elder law and estate planning done differently, done personally, and done with heart.

Watch the full video tour to get an in-depth look at the empathetic, effective legal guidance McIntyre Elder Law offers. As you navigate the potentially tricky terrain of estate planning and asset protection, remember that you’re not alone. There’s a warm, welcoming office in uptown, ready to welcome you home.

Greg McIntyre
Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney

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Greg McIntyre, JD, MBA

Meet Greg McIntyre

Greg McIntyre, founder of McIntyre Elder Law, is more than just an attorney. As a Navy Veteran, father to six kids, and a loving husband, he values family deeply. This drives his commitment to helping clients safeguard their futures and pass down legacies.

Greg has a passion to help people. Beyond just legal advice, he loves having conversations and strives to build a long-term relationship with every clients that comes through his door.

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