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Is Your Legacy Leaving A Tax Burden?

Many people are under the false assumption that when they pass their loved ones will…

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Avoid the Gift/Estate Tax with the Crummey Trust

  The estate and gift tax work hand-in-hand. There is a set limit on the…

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Planning and Mental Health

With the turn of the century, a light now shines on mental health. Still, many…

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Estate Planning is a Philosophy

  The stoics had a practice whereby they would meditate on the possible negatives that…

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The Downside to IRAs: No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

  Ah the IRA. Now that pension plans have all but gone the way of…

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How to plan for long-term care…

No one wants to go to a nursing home. This is something that I have…

ByByGreg McIntyreMay 3, 2022

A Story About Jane…..

I wanted to share a story about Jane. Jane is a spirited young lady at…

ByByGreg McIntyreApr 19, 2022

DIY Estate Planning

How do you come up with your own estate plan? That said, the better question…

ByByGreg McIntyreApr 5, 2022

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