Our eDocs Access System Keeps Your Important Documents at Your Fingertips

Hi, I’m Greg McIntyre, and it’s very good to see you on the blog.

My feature today is our eDocs Access System, which I’m extremely proud of. It’s an online, bank-level security system that allows you to store your important legal documents. That’s a value we offer to every client, and we’ll even upload them for you.

You’ll be able to share your documents with any family member, whether they be next door, out-of-state, or on the other side of the planet. It doesn’t send the files as an e-mail attachment or across the open internet and airways. It prompts them to log-on, create a username and password, and allows them to see only the documents you make available.

Your documents are secure and held to international security standards. It’s maintained with the same precautions as when you log into your online bank account.

This works great for clients that I have in other states. You can access it on your iPhone or other mobile device, your iPad or other tablet device, or use the laminated eDocs Access Card that we’ll give you for your wallet. It has your username, name, and even a place for your password on there. Though you can always keep that password safe in your memory or any other place that you prefer, of course.

Say you’re traveling out of state, and you and your wife or husband have to go to the hospital. You need to access some healthcare power of attorney documents, living will, or something like that – heaven forbid.

If you don’t already have your documents with you, you could simply pull out this card, and go straight to the eDocs Access web link. Put in your username and password, and pull up those documents right there in the hospital or wherever you are. It works really, really well.


How Did We Come Up With This?

Explore eDocs Access in 5 easy steps.
Explore eDocs Access in 5 easy steps.

You may know that I have a bit of a tech background. I used to be a programmer, graphic designer, and 3D modeler in the Research Triangle Park area between 2000 and mid-2002, working for two separate companies.

One, 3D Village, did 3D online walkable worlds using the Vertis Technology gaming engine, whichwas really cool stuff. We’d go model New York, Charleston, the Citadel, or Chapel Hill and put those online for different vendors and purposes.

We had a really good time with that and got a lot of press. We even modeled Area 51, before the Department of Defense came out and admitted that it existed later that year. So pretty cool work we did there.

Then I became an attorney, but I still try to bring technology to the client in a way that’s usable, user-friendly, and really matters. This eDocs System is one way we’re doing that.

I don’t see many other firms using anything like it. It’s something that I think is light-years in the future.

The Log-In Process Couldn’t Be Easier


Let’s go over the log-in process.

First, we’re going to go to McElderLaw.com. The actual card will also provide a link to get straight there, but from the website, you can just click ‘Log In’, and it will take you to our eDocs Access page, which explains a little bit about it.

Then log-in for ‘Full Document Access’. It’s going to bring you to a log in screen. Now, when our office shares these documents with you, it’s going to shoot you an e-mail. This will prompt you to log on to create a username. It’s going to send you a link saying ‘Welcome to the system’.

You’ll then enter your phone number and password. Then it will ask ‘Do you agree’? Finally, ‘Create my user’.

‘Welcome to the Smart Vault System’.

Once you’ve close that, you’re now in the McIntyre Elder Law eDocs Access System. You’ll see a deed, a general durable power of attorney, a healthcare power of attorney, a last will and testament, and a living will.

If you want to share these, you can do a couple of things right now. You could download the file, e-mail it and send an individual file link to someone, or copy the file to another destination.

But the really cool feature is that you can select as many of these documents as you want and send a link to the entire folder or only individual documents. You can click ‘Send a link to folder’, and send a personal message to other users.

Put in, say, a son’s e-mail address and send it directly to them. Then you’ll have a similar situation, where that son is going to get an e-mail saying they’ve been granted access to the eDocs Access folderat McIntyre Elder Law. They’re going to be able to click the link, put in a username or password, and see those documents in your McIntyre Elde Law Access folder.

That’s how it works, in a nutshell. We’re very proud of it. We think it’s just a phenomenal system.

Any time you or your wife set up any documents with us or we do any type of legal work together, you can access them through this system. And we maintain this free of charge, as an extra added value for the client, so they can have those important documents with them at all times.


The McIntyre Elder Law Mission

We’ll continue to try and bring you cutting edge tools, both technical and legal, to help you with protecting your property, assets and legacy, as well as providing you with flexibility and mobility. That’s our mission here at our McIntyre Elder Law.

If you have any questions about eDocs Access, e-mail me at Greg@TheMcIntyreLawFirm.com or call our office at 704-259-7040.

Thank you very much for visiting. I’ll see you soon.

Make it a great day,
Greg McIntyre
Elder Law Attorney
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