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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my business plan and whether it makes sense?

Yesterday, I spent the entire day driving to and visiting Creedmore Senior Center, just north of Durham. I was asked to speak about estate planning and elder law because they had listened to our podcasts and watched our videos.

I was honored to go to Creedmore and give a presentation, but I also struggled with it because it cancelled out an entire day of work at my office. I also decided to bring two of my team to assist and make the occasion memorable. Now, I can hear a friend of mine who is an attorney in Rayleigh saying, ‘that makes no economic sense.’

At first glance, he’s right, it doesn’t make sense, but like any entrepreneur, I seek advice from a lot of mentors. One of them said to me the other day, ‘Care about your clients. Care about your audience. Care about something.’

This is what I equate this to:

1-    I’m running a marathon, not a sprint. This is a lifelong passion for me. By using an entire day to provide value (without charging) to a wonderful group of seniors who want to learn about estate planning, elder law, Ladybird deeds and how to protect their hard-earned money and property, I believe this will pay off for our firm and brand. If it doesn’t, I know I have given my all, a lot of love and provided an education and I feel great about it.

2-    On paper, it might seem like a poor business plan, but I believe that love and caring always wins, and that is what I want to be remembered for.

I am super passionate about what I do, and I care about the results.

So, if you want me to speak to your senior group anywhere in North Carolina, send me an email at or call me at 704-259-7040 and ask for either Greg, Andrea or Taylor. We will set up that event, show up and provide a valuable education and tremendous legal advice.

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