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The Clio Cloud Conference. This is all about law and technology.

My background was in technology. I was a computer programmer. That’s how I think of problem solving. I also like to incorporate technology in my work. When I started in elder law I didn’t understand how technology would become such a big part of it, but a lot of what allows us to be efficient and have access to documents for our clients is through technology. Clio offers a conference annually to lawyers and those who work in the technology sector to come together and talk about how best to combine both worlds.

I’m big into systems. Systems help us be more efficient. Even though I came from a technology background, I don’t like technology for technology’s sake, it must add value. It is incredible how much technology we use behind the scenes. Seniors have become very integrated in tech which helps us deliver better services.

I will tell you how we bring value to clients through technology.

Client engagement

When a client contacts us and makes an appointment, we send them a secure digital intake form which feeds back into our database, so we have all the client’s information and assets available on our intake forms. The client can fill these out right from the email.

Also, we are paperless. What I mean by that is this; we had a flood in our old office last year. At the time I was trying to go paperless, but I always had a hard time making the jump. That flood took out a lot of our paper files and pushed me to go paperless.

We use a secure system. When you bring documents into our office, we scan those documents and give the original back to you. We do not want your original documents in our office, unless it’s a Will we’re filing in probate. It is so much more efficient and cost effective to do it this way.

Another thing we have is televisions in our conference rooms. Now that may sound like old tech, but if I’m working on my iPad Pro using my Apple pen, not only am I taking digital notes, I can throw those notes up on the television and draw out concepts for clients. All of this can be sent directly to the clients digital file.

Sometimes telling someone a legal concept is so much more difficult than showing them on a white board or high-tech screen mounted to the wall of your conference room. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

All the documents we scan, are turned into secure but searchable content. So if we’re searching our database or your file, we can pull up any document related to that search.

We offer our clients secure digital access to their files. The client has to setup a password to get in. They can see the work as it progresses and upload documents to their file if we are working on a case for them. This allows us to work quickly and across long distances without any time lapse.

We can also send draft documents via email or through the client’s secure access. This way, they can review those documents before we sit down at a closing. This helps to limit redrafting and taking a lot of time at the closing. We want to get in, explain, answer any questions and sign. I found my clients do not want a closing dragged out for too long.

Information on social media.

Just like the content we are bringing to you today, we are constantly on social media. We bring out a e-newsletter and try to educate potential clients and keep current clients up to date. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to get up dates and information.

Another way to get direct information on changes in the law, estate planning and elder law concepts and what’s going on in the legal industry is to go to our website, and sign up for the e-newsletter. At least once a week we are putting out an elder law report (Friday 10am), blog posts, I have written books which are available, and as a client you will be kept up to date of any developments. We also record podcasts on important legal matters which you can hear on i-tunes or the Google play store. To limit downtime, we up dated to Mac computers in our office because we want to be efficient and virus free at work.

E-docs access.

E-docs gives the client and their family access and the ability to email, print their documents anywhere they are on planet earth, at any time, 24 hours a day. You receive an e-docs access card in the binder you receive. It is a secure bank level encrypted security system which is a free service we give to our clients.

The technology we use is seamless and our clients enjoy having it available to them. As with any technology, it relies on the people behind it to operate it efficiently and we have a great team. We do our best to make each client feel special and provide them individual attention.

What’s coming

We’re going to start providing webinars to our clients and potential clients around the state. We will provide more information on legal services, educational and self-help informational programs.

If you want to set up a seminar with me, I do not care where you are, my answer is always ‘yes.’ I will figure out a way to get there and I do not charge to come out and give seminars.

I’m Greg McIntyre of McIntyre Elder Law. You can contact me at or contact or call us at 704-259-7040.

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