Understanding Quiet Title Actions: A Guide by McIntyre Elder Law

In the complex world of property law, understanding the nuances of title disputes is crucial. Attorneys Greg McIntyre and Brenton Begley of McIntyre Elder Law recently shed light on this topic in their video discussion about Quiet Title Actions. This blog post aims to distill their insights, offering a clear understanding of what Quiet Title Actions are and their importance in property law.

What is a Quiet Title Action?

A Quiet Title Action is a legal procedure used to resolve disputes or clarify uncertainties regarding property titles. This action is essential when there’s a conflict or ambiguity over the ownership of a property. It serves to “quiet” any challenges or claims against the title, ensuring a clear and undisputed record of ownership.

Common Scenarios for Quiet Title Actions

  1. Incorrect Deed Descriptions: For instance, if you intend to give away a small portion of your land but a drafting error leads to a larger portion being transferred, a Quiet Title Action can correct such mistakes.
  2. Disputes Post-Mortem: Disputes often arise when a property is bequeathed incorrectly, or there are conflicting deeds after a loved one’s death.
  3. Claims of Interest by Third Parties: If someone else asserts a claim over your property, a Quiet Title Action can resolve this issue, ensuring a clear title for future transactions.
  4. Challenging Deed Validity: Issues like fraud, forgery, or questions about a signatory’s mental capacity can lead to disputes. Quiet Title Actions can address these concerns.

The Importance of Quiet Title Actions

Quiet Title Actions are vital for ensuring that property titles are free from legal discrepancies or claims that could affect ownership. They provide certainty and peace of mind to property owners and are crucial for clear transactions in the future.

Seeking Legal Guidance

Navigating property law can be complex. Attorneys McIntyre and Begley emphasize the importance of professional legal advice in resolving title issues. With expert guidance, you can effectively address any title disputes you might face.


Quiet Title Actions are key in resolving property disputes and ensuring clear titles. If you’re facing title issues, consider reaching out to McIntyre Elder Law for a free consultation. Their expertise can provide the clarity and resolution needed for your property concerns.

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