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            This country has survived and thrived over two hundred years, expounding the values upon which we were created: freedom and liberty. The extent of our freedom and liberty have changed over the years. For the most part, every one of us have enjoyed more freedom and more liberty as our country has grown. However, there is more growth that needs to happen. 

            Freedom and liberty mean having individual rights. Individual rights shouldn’t stop at what you see written in the Constitution. It should extend to protect all individuals and ensure a decent quality of life and preservation of property.

            This country is in the midst of a silent crisis. While the twenty-four-hour news cycle is occupied with stories of the pandemic, riots, and the election, a perhaps more sinister calamity is brewing. This calamity has been brewing for some time. You see, this country’s population is aging. The baby boomer generation was so named because of the large amount of children born right after the second World War. That generation is now either approaching retirement age or are already above age sixty-five.

            Here’s why the aging of our country’s population is not only concerning but is also already causing a crisis nationwide: over seventy percent of individuals over age sixty-five will need some type of long-term care. With the increase in medical technology people are living longer and longer, but the quality of life isn’t necessarily increasing. This means that people are staying longer in longer-term care facilities (an average of four to seven years). At a cost of anywhere from five to fifteen thousand dollars a month, an average stay at a long-term care facility would result, for most individuals, in a loss of everything for which they’ve worked hard their whole lives.\

            As an Elder Law Attorney, I have witnessed the beginning of this crisis, a crisis that will only continue. We can’t stop the advance in medical technology, and we can’t stop the aging of the population, but we can help to stop the wholesale deprivation of money and property one individual at a time.

            Everyone deserves freedom and liberty. Included in that should be the freedom to live your life, work, and retire without fear of losing everything you have earned. That’s what Elder Law seeks to do. We have tools to help you protect yourselves, your family, and your property. We also help people pay for expensive long-term care while preserving their assets. In short, we are here to defend your rights.

            While you’re celebrating Independence Day with your family this year, I want you to reflect on the fight for freedom this country has endured. I want you to also reflect on the benefits that freedom has bestowed upon you and your family. Lastly, I want you to think about what you would do to preserve that freedom.

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