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See the newest innovations we are bringing to estate planning, elder law and the legal industry. We are always striving to bring clients great service in new and innovative ways. Learn more at or call: 704-749-9244.

Speaker 1:        I wanted to do a quick update on innovation. We pride ourselves, I pride myself on being an innovator in what we do, and not using technology for technology’s sake, but using it to help improve education, improve customer experience, client experience and our delivery of services.

Speaker 1:        So one of the things that we’ve been working on lately, that I’ve been working on, is really our maps. Just visually mapping a state plan, and one of the first maps I created, and this is the latest version of it, is the estate planning map. Which you can get by going to But what I’m working on is creating an entire virtual EP map. That you can go on the website and really go through like a game almost, in a virtual walkthrough experience, see videos on each concept, on the map and walk through your own estate plan.

Speaker 1:        This is going to be so cool. I cannot wait, and then you can drill down when it comes to the part on the map that talks about trust and how trusts work, trusts work and how they can avoid probate. Drill down to the trust planning map, which will tell you the differences and different kinds of trust. And then when you’re talking about protecting your home and any surrounding property with a Ladybird deed, it’ll tell you what a Ladybird need is.

Speaker 1:        You can drill down to the Ladybird deed map that is specific on that, and that’s going to be kind of a virtual computer experience that … And you may say, “Hey, it’s elder law, to me, is your audience online? Are they able to navigate that?” That’s always been offensive to me, because I’ll tell you, my parents are on Facebook. A lot of our clients have emails, almost all of them have emails and check it, and they can go on our website, or integrate it with our social media, where they really respond and interact with our education, and we enjoy that, comment on things.

Speaker 1:        This is just going to be a really cool experience I can’t wait to bring you, that will allow you to contact us on each part of that journey on the estate planning map, and interact with us, or chat with us realtime live, right there within that program. So that’s going to be easy to use. It’s going to be point click. All you have to do is go to, And I’ll give you a link to that right off that page to do it.

Speaker 1:        It’s not ready yet, but I’m starting it, and I’ve already built out the maps. But now we have to take that virtual and digital. What you may not know about me is, when I started out, I actually worked in the private workforce out of the military, I actually worked for a firm called 3D Village in the Research [inaudible 00:03:01] Park just outside of Raleigh. I was working out of [inaudible 00:03:03], and we did 3D walkable worlds.

Speaker 1:        So we were going to be your canvas, and take millions of photographs from every angle of every building, and then go back and 3D model to scale that city. So you could walk and you could interact with advertisers, and our tours there and things. Just virtually, get our kids from a classroom to do that. To navigate Manhattan, or the Citadel, we’ve done work for the Citadel, or Charleston, or Chapel Hill.

Speaker 1:        We got to a point where we’re doing a lot of colleges at 1.2, and they would send those out to their alumni and prospective students, so they could virtually walk the campus right there. This is going to be nothing that advanced, but it is going to be a visual walkthrough, and it’s amazing how the mind works and how things happen, and this has just become a bigger thing in my mind that all fits together, and is going to allow people to interact with their estate plans. It’s basically, you call it a choose your own adventure, right?

Brendan:          That’s right.

Speaker 1:        Why do you call it a choose your own adventure?

Brendan:          Yeah. Because you’re going to be able to really see how it all works. And then once you see how it all works, you’re going to be able to basically, see what’s going to be best for your own goals. And it kind of reminds me of one of those choose your own adventure books. If you want to slay the dragon, go to page 226, that sort of thing.

Speaker 1:        [inaudible 00:04:37].

Brendan:          So those old books that used to be able to get, I don’t know if they’re around anymore.

Speaker 1:        They are. In fact, my kids have a bunch of them.

Brendan:          Oh really?

Speaker 1:        When I was recently in Manhattan, at this huge bookstore in Manhattan over toward NYU, they had a whole lot of those choose your own adventure books. And I got some for my nine year old Maddie who loves reading, and likes choose your own adventure books.

Brendan:          Oh wow.

Speaker 1:        But yeah, so they’re still around. I’ve got a ton at the house. You can go on Amazon, I’ll tell you how technology evolves. Amazon Alexa has a whole free library of choose your own adventure books. So you come to points of the story that Alexa’s telling you, and it asks you which way you want to go. You Tell Alexa, and then it takes me down a different story path. The kids love it. It’s about taking bedtime stories to the next level.

Brendan:          Yeah, yeah. that’s pretty cool. Really that’s going to be how we interact with estate planning. On the website it’s going to be, you’re going to be able to click on things. It’s going to show you your kind of, if you travel down this road, what your estate plans is going to look like.

Speaker 1:        And we thought about, there are people out there that might extend that to selling a trust, or a will, or an estate planning package right from within that product. Right from within that service, that estate planing map online. But why might we not want to do that? I know I do not want to do that yet, because there’s just too many variables. Why do you think?

Brendan:          Yeah, I think the best reason why is because technology is never going to kill the consultation, because you got to get in front of an attorney, and you got to have us really look at everything and tell you what’s going to be best for you. Because you might not need a trust. The will might not be the best thing for you. You might need a trust. Maybe you don’t need an irrevocable, maybe you just need a revocable, and we’re going to be able to sit down with you and go through all that. All those contingencies and really answer all your questions. What we don’t want you to do is to go on there, and get just enough information to make the wrong decision. Right? But we do want you to educate yourself.

Speaker 1:        Absolutely. I’ve just been so excited about this tool. Sometimes I get excited about things that totally flop. I get excited … I was talking last night to my brother in law. One of my sisters, Jessica, and her husband are in town. They’re going to watch a play that my sons, one of the leads in, Flowers for Algernon, or Algernon, which is a cool book and movie. Maybe you’ve been on Netflix and watched the movie.

Speaker 1:        But he’s in that play, and they’re in town to watch him. I was talking about how many things that I’ve done that have flopped, try to find what works for clients and for bringing services. But I guess you can’t be scared to fail. You can’t be scared to innovate, and you’d have to do that to find out what does work. We know the tried and true method of sitting in our office and just waiting for clients to come.

Speaker 1:        That’s been how we’ve always done it as attorneys, but we want to do more at McIntyre Elder Law. I can’t help but want to do more, and bring what’s in my head to you in a creative and user friendly way. I’m giving you an example of something that works like crazy, and I bet you most people would say it wouldn’t, would not have worked. And that’s this. This is an infographic that shows how the eDOCS Access Program works. I made this infographic a long time ago, and eDOCS access is a system that we went with when we first formed McIntyre Elder Law years ago, that is a virtual storage place.

Speaker 1:        That is bank level security encrypted technology, where any estate planning documents we draft for you, we place in that vault, and when we do that the system emails you, and you’re able to click in the email to set up your own password. But only you. if you want family members like children to also have access to that, it sends an email to them too and they create their own password. That way you and them are able to log in and always have copies, always be able to email straight from that system, always be able to print those off at a nearby printer.

Speaker 1:        If you are traveling and have a health care situation, your healthcare power of attorney is accessible right there, and could be shown on a device right to a facility, or a hospital or staff at a hospital, by your loved one. So it’s just a way to always have access to your most important documents, and we’re very liberal in what we allow. We do not charge for that service, by the way. We provide that free of charge for our clients for life, and we’re very liberal. If clients also want us to upload their other important documents, we routinely do that, within reason, so that they have access to those there as well.

Speaker 1:        We just believe in client service, customer service, and we want to go above and beyond to help you in any way we can. People would have said, and have said, “Well, does that really work with seniors?” Again, I find that disrespectful. I find that most of my clients that are seniors do have email addresses. Certainly the kids do, some the kids are out of state, and allows them to be plugged in to what’s going on, and to those useful estate planning documents at all times. Instead of having to go to the safety deposit box, or somewhere where you’re going to have them.

Speaker 1:        So anyway, Brendan, thanks for being on the call. We will continue to innovate. I cannot wait to get all of this together as one cohesive virtual program that allows you to walk through and interact with us, interact with your estate plan right there.

Speaker 1:        Imagine being able to interact and play really almost a video game on your estate plan. Ride along where you get to make mistakes, or explore options, and there are no penalties, and you can gain knowledge and information. Watch videos, educational videos on each concept, and really get your mind a nice visual, verbal, and even written concept of what these things are, how these concepts were, and how they can help you and your family. So thank you Brendan, for being online with us. I appreciate that, and see you later guys. Peace.


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