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Virtual Estate Planning Platform or VEPP

What if planning was easy? What if you could craft a plan to protect your family, yourself, and your assets from the comfort of your own home? Would you want a comprehensive guide, advice, and access to legal documents on demand? These are the questions that we are asking our clients…and we think we know the answer.

For years, we have been making estate planning and elder law easy for our clients. But we are not satisfied. We’d like to give you the ability to obtain legal advice, planning, and premium legal documents without leaving your sofa. 

The Virtual Estate Planning Platform

Introducing the Virtual Estate Planning Platform. We have constructed a virtual law firm that you can access on demand. The VEP Platform breaks down all of the legal documents that we offer as a firm. Not only do we explain things like trusts, wills, and powers of attorney, we also guide you through setting them up in a manner that allows you to tailor the documents to your personal needs and goals.

That last part is pretty important. That’s what sets our Platform apart from any other online access to legal documents. We do not provide simple fill-in-the-blank documents. We navigate you through the nuanced legal issues that may arise in creating these documents. Additionally, further explanation and advice is just a phone call away. That’s right. Each client who accesses our platform will likewise have access to one of our attorneys who will be available to answer any and all questions.

What About Signing?

Another thing that sets us apart is our process. We do not just send you the documents to print from your home computer and leave the rest to you. The documents must be properly executed in front of a notary (many must be witnessed). After we draft your personalized documents, we will send a draft copy for your review.  Once approved, we will print your documents and have a signing team assist you in properly executing your documents. This also gives you another chance to ask the attorney any questions.

The Other Perks

Virtual estate planning may be somewhat more impersonal than the original method.  However, we value the relationships we form with our clients and we reflect that in the services we provide. Services like our annual review. 

Once we’ve developed a relationship, we want to make sure you know we are still there for you. Lifechanging events tend to also change what’s needed in an estate plan. That’s why we encourage our clients to come into our office or call if anything changes and sit down with the attorney for a free hour of legal advice. Even if nothing has changed, we still encourage that you take advantage of the opportunity to meet with the attorney for your annual review.


Since our inception, it has been our goal to provide cutting edge services to our clients and make estate planning and elder law as easy for them as possible. The next step in this journey is an interactive and on demand law firm experience, coming to you from our virtual platform. We are excited to provide our client the opportunity to have the best experience crafting the plan for their future, regardless of proximity or time constraints. Everyone should have access to premium legal documents that are personally tailored to their needs and goals. Now they do.

Brenton S. Begley
Elder Law Attorney


Brenton S. Begley

Elder Law Attorney

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