Did You Know That Your Rights Are in Danger?

If you’ve been a frequent subscriber to our articles, you’ve likely detected a theme, namely us advocating for you to take control of your own destiny. As a member of a free and democratic government, you are powerful. The average American citizen has more power now, in today’s society, than any other citizen in any other country throughout history. Not only are you a part of the structure that constitutes our government: the people, you are also a check on the government.

You probably remember learning in school about how our government is formed with checks and balances built in. This is to ensure that no one branch of government obtains too much power and acts in a tyrannical fashion. Something that you likely did not hear in that lesson is that the people are a check on the government as a whole. If we are a government of the people, by the people, for the people, then the government’s power cannot exceed the authority given by the people.

It is our individual duty to ensure that our rights are not eroded and to guarantee that the government is acting on behalf of the people and not itself. You should know that the rights that you have as an individual are not constant.  Individual rights have waxed and waned over the history of this nation and will continue to do so, that is the nature of politics regardless of how free we were set up to be. Therefore, it’s up to us to protect our rights.

So, how are your rights in danger? They’re always in danger. That’s the point I’m making. Individuals must guard their rights like a shepherd guarding his sheep, keeping an ever-vigilant eye toward the tree line. There are people in high places making decisions that affect your life without your input. That will not change unless you do something about it.

All of this is especially true in the times we are experiencing at this very moment. A global pandemic has all but shut down the world. Governments across the globe have suspended individual rights in the name of the collective good. That may be the appropriate response. Confining people to their homes and keeping them from forming in groups, attending religious functions, and moving about freely may save much more lives than the. alternative. However, if history has shown us anything it’s that once rights have been taken, even temporarily, they are not given back in the same nature as enjoyed before. Once a precedent has been set, the government can then clearly see just how many miles they can stretch that inch you gave them.

What can you do about it? Take control. Make sure your family, yourself, and your property is protected. It’s not hard to do, you don’t have to be a political activist or politician. All you need is to lay your foundation. I’m talking about your General Durable Power of Attorney, your Healthcare Power of Attorney, your Living Will, and your Last Will and Testament. Not only will these documents give you the ability to protect and dictate what happens to your property. It also gives you and your loved ones the ability to assert your rights, the ability to ensure your individual freedom, and the ability to take control of your destiny.

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