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**NEW ESSAY** Generation Exploitation – The Civil Rights Crisis That No One is Talking About!

This nation is aging. And, despite the fact, that the largest generations ever are heading…

ByByGreg McIntyreAug 31, 2021

Making The Days Count

What is your plan? Whether you are just starting a family, in the midst of…

ByByGreg McIntyreAug 9, 2021

DANGER!!! Stop taking legal advice from non-lawyers. DANGER!!! Stop taking legal advice from non-lawyers. From funeral homes to financial planners there…

ByByGreg McIntyreJun 24, 2021

“The Talk” – Planning for and with our loved ones as they age

Having the talk is hard. I’m referring to the talk that is inevitably held between…

ByByGreg McIntyreJun 16, 2021

How to protect your hard earned money and property. From the Charlotte Uptown Desk of Attorney Therron Causey: How to protect your hard…

ByByGreg McIntyreJun 11, 2021

Adult Guardianships Explained! Charlotte Uptown Attorney, Therron Causey, works on lots of Adult Guardianship cases for our…

ByByGreg McIntyreJun 11, 2021

Now What? I’ve Been Appointed as Agent under a Power of Attorney. 4 Things to Consider.

  Article 1: Fiduciary Instruction Series. So, you’ve been named as somebody’s agent under power…

ByByGreg McIntyreMar 11, 2021

Quick Answers

Attorney, Brenton S. Begley, wanted to build a quick answer section onto our website which…

ByByGreg McIntyreJan 17, 2021

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